Symbolic Analysis of the Terran Insignia from SC2

The Terran Dominion Insignia from SC2

Hey folks, we are a group of young custom campaign designers from Japan working on a custom SC2 campaign with a heavy emphasis on post-brood war UED, the work in progress name is "Starcraft 1½ :: Ragnarok Protocol".

As a part of the exploration phase of the campaign script, the team decided to delve into the design behind the Starcraft II factions. In order to create something that'll fit into the established world of the Korpulu Sector, it was essential to explore the design decision behind the logos.

Without further ado, we believe that r/starcraft might be interested in some of our analysis – starting with the Terran Logo. We will post our understanding of Zerg & Protoss in due time.

First of all, there are three elements depicted, listed below:

  1. An eagle motif
  2. Cracks and the damage of the material
  3. An equilateral triangle in the background.

Firstly, the eagle. The eagle symbolizes many things in different cultures. Above all else, it conveys the powers and authority of mankind's drive for supremacy since the eagle soars higher than all other birds, It also represents the strive for freedom, and the courage required to carry out such endeavor.

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Secondly, the wear and tear of the cracked material. The meaning behind this is almost universal across all cultures – humankind's mastery over their environment. Sheet metals are almost never found, nor shaped by nature, it is the result of human ingenuity and indomitable determination. The damage on the material symbolizes the struggles endured by the Terran race over the eons.

Lastly, we have the triangle behind the eagle. It has been established that the triangle is the most stable geometric shape, thematically it is extremely appropriate for the Terran race's constant conflict for social stability. This is exemplified by its three corners, two by the eagle's talons and one above its head. This is a symbolic representation of the Terran's past, present, and future – the bottom two corners symbolizes stability in an extremely autocratic manner, akin to being firmly gripped by an eagle's claws, which is an appropriate representation for the Terran Confederacy and the Dominion under Mengsk, whereas the point above the eagle's head represents an ideal era of freedom and democracy, under the command of Matthew Horner.

So, putting all those elements together and what does the Terran insignia symbolize? It is a symbol of a tenacious force, driving by their ideals of freedom and will protect their way of life at any cost with the ultimate goal of achieving liberty. The Terrans will never be fully conquered, and will claw victories back from the jaws of defeat even when all odds are against them.

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A symbol for power, justice, and ruthless determination.

What is your understanding of the Terran logo? Would you be interested in our analysis of the design decisions behind Zerg and Protoss?


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