Team UnRivaled wants you!

Hello there, my name is Stifle, and I am an admin for Team UnRivaled. We are currently looking for active SC2 players across all leagues to join to compete in clan wars and organized team leagues! Our team’s core goals are:

• Providing a base of awesome, fun, and chill individuals to discuss and play games with across multiple mediums.

• Providing an environment for growth in starcraft specifically, with it not being uncommon for our new recruits to go up 2-3 leagues within a month with their newfound access to our build order materials, veteran players, and growth-centric team culture.

• Providing an outlet for those seeking to compete causally in team leagues and friendly clan wars against other similar organizations.

Our Starcraft players compete primarily in the ChoboTeamLeague, and we are proudly the winningest team in its entire history. Our higher level players also compete in varied all-kill leagues where we’ve achieved similar success. One of our team’s greatest strengths is our longevity in the space and ability to continue finding and sustaining competitive avenues for our players to practice their skills.

Our team has historically ranged in player skill from bronze to grandmaster, so any skill level is eligible to tryout for the team as long as you have a great attitude and play nicely with others. Mechanical skill and game knowledge matters more in our decisions as your league goes up, but the baseline requisites of "be a good person" are universal. Additionally, our player base of current and former players is very diverse with players based on nearly every continent so you will be eligible to tryout regardless of your region.

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So if you want to be a part of a great community that can help you meet and exceed your new year’s craft-related goals, and continues to strive for even more excellence, then this might be the place for you. Please either PM myself here on reddit, reply in the comments, or fill out our application. Also feel free to check out our discord

*Must have mic, base game and all expansions, and be willing to attend a tryout.


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