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Hey there 🙂

2 weeks ago I started this contest and it is now time for the results !

  • Terran top 3 :

  1. kcnight+crucialnug (Archon) : 06:45
  2. JonBom : 06:46
  3. rzvn : 06:56

The terran race was particularly interesting, because we still don't know which strategy is the best.

You can either go for mass mines+hellions if you take advantage of the rich vespene gas expansion on Deathaura, or try pure mass marines (with or without a rich vespene gas).In both cases you gain an advantage from using the rich vespene gas base, so I have no clue which strat is the best on a "normal" or rich map.

It's by far the least optimised race imo, so there is still room for improvements.

  • Zerg top 3 :

  1. kcnight+fullheart (Archon) : 06:15
  2. JonBom : 06:17
  3. Aelith : 06:18

Once again, deathaura was the best (and probably the only map) for this race, because the rich vespene gas base provided a big advantage.

This time the best strat was very clear : mass roachs + ravagers at the end thanks to the 4 rich gas.Using the 4 gas was not used a lot thought, it's only at the end that this strat appearead (so far most people were using only 2 gas).

  • Protoss top 3 :

  1. PappiJoe : 06:04
  2. Eiger : 06:06
  3. Arrogfire+Rom (Archon) : 06:10

The third place is a special case for this race, because there is another 06:10 time made by MisterABC.

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However, MisterABC's time is very close to 06:11 while Arrogfire+Rom's time is either a 06:09 or a 06:10. I'm using "either" because it's so close between 06:09 and 06:10 that I'm not able to say which time it is (you can see yourself in their replay). And if it's not a 06:09, it's at least much closer to a 06:10 than MisterABC.

The big surprise was to see that Zerg players are not dominating at all this contest, there are more than 10s between both race's best times. The last fast warp actually give a big advantage since all units need to be finished (which mean the last "production wave" is much faster than the other races).

Best time overall :

**PappiJoe : 06:04 (Protoss)**His run is by far the most optimised I've seen, very clean and cleverly done.

I've discussed with some of the best Protoss time, and here are some optimizations examplesPappiJoe told me about :

– Third base at the rich vespene gas expansion –> you can delay your gas a bit more and only use 2 probes (for the warpgate)Also, having a far away third base doesn't impact your income because you don't lose probe time travel to fill it because it's so early that you don't need to rally the other nexus to it.

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– 2 gates before cyber is the optimal number of gates you can have and use without impacting your economy

– Gate optimization :

– Chronoboost optimization

Overall a very impressive run

You can download all the replays here :

Note : there is no times for the first submissions because I didn't create this question in the gform

Congrats to everyone, and big thanks to /u/SoundSelection for increasing the prize pool and to the mods who pinned my post in this subreddit 🙂


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