The Races barely interact in the story of Starcraft 2

Content of the article: "The Races barely interact in the story of Starcraft 2"

Obviously the races interact in gameplay. And you get a lot of trash talk from enemy commanders, and occasional mission briefings. But what I'm talking about is in the story there is almost no instances of a Terran, Protoss, or Zerg having an interaction. It's hard to explain. But in most interactions I feel that they are talking AT each other, not TO each other. Nobody acknowledges Stukov being infested in the epilogue. Nobody bats an eye at Zagara.

We have this epic space opera, with tons of lore for each race. But during the terrain campaign there are only terrans in the ship. We only talk to terrans. There is that 1 cutscene when Zeratul appears to give you the crystal. That's the only moment where I felt that there was a non antagonistic interaction. And it was a good cutscene. I really felt that Raynor is friends with Zeratul, and is worried about him.

The Zerg campaign is troublesome as well. Even more so we only interact with zerg. And the zerg characters we do see are limited, and simple. All the queens look the same, and act the same. In the books Kerrigan infests some humans to be commanders. Maybe one of them could be kicking around on a planet and be our contact for that Swarm. We should have run into Artanis and allied with him before we get primal-ed. We have that one mission where we are controlling the Hyperion. Maybe instead of that we could have had like a co-op mission with the Raiders. Some jolly cooperation.

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On another note: Jim should have been with us for at least a few missions before being captured. And I don't think Kerrigan should think he is dead. It would be more impactful to actually have them interact some more than they do. Have them be cut off from the Raiders so Kerrigan has to control the swarm. Build in power before breaking off world. Then when Jim does get captured she goes on a path of destruction to find Intel. Like Char where a certain general is. Then when she does find him she needs more power so Zeratul shows up and takes her to Zerus. Maybe we could have had a mission where she fails to break Jim out, making us realize she needs to be stronger. Making the transformation feel more necessary. And just straight up remove Kaldir. There isn't really a good reason to go there, and no matter how angry Kerrigan is I cringe at her killing innocent protoss colonists.

Now Legacy of the Void. Here more than anywhere we should have had some friendly interactions. It's supposed to be wrapping up the story. The Protoss are on the run gathering strength, and allies. There is a mission where we fight alongside Raynor, and Kerrigan. A mission each. Maybe we could have had a cutscene of them hanging out with Artanis. Maybe we rescue some Terrans from Amon and evacuate them off a planet. So some Terrans are wandering the Spear of Adun until we drop them off. Just give me a Zealot arm wrestling a marine in the background or something. Something to show that these are our friends and allies. That we are supposed to want to save the universe for them.

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Long story short. I feel that 99% of the interactions between races boils down to "you are here for thing? I wont let you have thing! Prepare to die!", then our current commander goes "they are preparing their defenses against us. I guess we have to come in swinging". And that's just disappointing.

The only time we get any sort of "avengers" moment is in the epilogue when all the commanders have their own bases and are pushing towards Narud. And that's still very cursory.


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