This BUG was reported to tech-support long time ago, but wasn’t directed to devs

tl;dr – There is ingame bug with profiles. When you have two profiles in one region, they both have same name and no matter which you choose, it will open SC2 with only first profile. To open game with 2nd profile you has to unlog inside the game and manually choose 2nd profile in game. Battle.Net app shows incorrect names of SC2 profiles and it's a bug.

Long time ago I reported about this bug to Blizzard support via tickets and even asked can they guaranteely direct it to devs, but support specialists don't know that, they just create some sort of "ticket" to game devs and thats all.

Well, I will try to communicate this bug here. Long time ago, since Wings of Liberty, in Russian region there were subscription to the game. Russian players needed to pay every months. That way of monetization was cancelled some time after WOL release, but it left one bug with ingame profiles.

Right now on my account I have two EU profiles ( screenshot ) both with same name (one with achievements, paid skins, coop commanders, consoles and announcers and all that stuff, AND OTHER profile which is completely blank and has Kachinsky portrait), and no matter which I choose, it will start the game with the blank profile that has zero progression and no paid content).

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To choose the right profile, I has to log out inside the game ( screenshot ) and then I can choose 2nd profile to open my one with all the progression and stuff.

I asked support to delete one of my profiles, and they replied that it's not possible. Either delete both SC2 profiles with all the bought content and progression + blank profile, or keep both.

It really attracts me away from playing this game. And I think many other players who have 2 profiles in one region may have similar problem.

I can't even configure in options which profile to open by default. It will always ask that. Why it can't be fixed? Blizzard, please?


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