This weekend in tournaments to watch and/or participate in

Content of the article: "This weekend in tournaments to watch and/or participate in"

Just wanted to draw your attention on a few tournaments happening this weekend that you might want to check out.

Stuff to watch

The King of Battles: KB International Championship, the biggest undertaking to date of the heroic Alpha X team, who've put together a $30,000 prize pool tournament for all the biggest players in the world, continues its qualifiers. The NA qualifiers will be played today, Saturday the 26th of September, from 21:00 UTC.

Furthermore, the final KR qualifiers and the EU qualifiers will be played tomorrow, Sunday, the 27th of September, beginning at 10:00 UTC and 16:00, respectively. The games will be broadcast on the Alpha X official Twitch.

If you missed the first Korean qualifiers or won't be able to catch some or any of this weekend's qualifiers, VOD's are found on the aforementioned Twitch and the Alpha X YouTube channel later on.


On the BroodWar side of things, the 50th Have At You Brood War tournament will be played today, from 21:00 UTC. The tournament will celebrate it's 50th edition milestone with a $1,200 prize pool and some of the best Korean players as participants, including (but not limited to) Rush, Ample, Ruin, Soma, JyJ, Shine, Motive and HM.

To continue with BroodWar, the ASL Group Nominations will be broadcast tomorrow, from 10:00 UTC. This will be hype as is, but also because it will the season's first appearance from Light, ZerO, Soma and Flash. The action will happen on Schamtoo's Twitch

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Stuff to play in (or watch)

Ao Dai Weekly #53, the tournament for SEA players of all levels, will be played today, from 12:00 UTC. A new 2v2 tournament for the region's players will also be announced during the broadcast. The games can be watched on Redgunnerguy's Twitch.

Black Ice Open #2 will be played today, from 16:00 UTC. The tournament is open for anyone and the first place gets $30 Amazon gift card.

The 2v2 Fall series #3 qualifiers will be played today, from 20:00 UTC. The tournament is open for players of all levels, so grab a friend and join in for the 8 week event with (culminating in a $200 finals) or watch on SilentGhost's Twitch.

Winner Winner I'll Buy You F'ing Dinner #15 will be played today, from 21:00 UTC. Anyone can participate and win take-away food. The games will be casted on Somedrunkcanadian's Twitch.


Additional tournaments to watch this weekend can be found on the event calendar and for participation, there's the weekly amateur tournament round-up.

If you are running or know of a tournament I've not included here, feel free to use this post's comments to promote it.

Have a great rest of the weekend 🙂


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