To Blizzard: Replay change proposition

Hi SC2 devs and SC2 players! Sorry I do know that there is a low likelihood of this being seen and a further smaller probability of the issue at hand being solved. I’m also aware of how small your team is and how stretched you all are in terms of budget, time and effort.

I know I’m asking for a lot here; but I’m sure a lot of us would agree that the current way that replays works would benefit from a drastic revamp. I honestly have no concept of how much work it would be; but if there could be a way to watch replays without logging out that would help a lot of people and make things quicker and easier. If it is too much work to do; I understand – but if there is perhaps a way to do it such that future patches won’t have the same issue or something else – I’m sure everyone in the community would appreciate this change.

However; there is one major issue that bugged me (and this is the main issue that really affected me). A very specific issue in fact. Unfortunately all games from “PATCH” are unplayable and come up with an error message: “This version of Starcraft II is unavailable”. I understand that this is just one patch and only a few replays as opposed to the millions of replays in other patches; however this has honestly affected me deeply. I wanted to submit my very last game from that patch to sc2 youtuber and twitch streamer x5_pig. I had the perfect game that I wanted to submit but it just couldn’t be viewed.

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Unfortunately the deadline for that icyfar has already passed – however, if you guys could fix the system before the 27th of June – I could submit my game to the new icyfar challenge as it still has relevance and can fit the topic. I understand that my game is simply one out of millions and you have no reason to cater to the needs of a single person (although I have seen other people complain about this too); but it honestly would mean the world to me if I could just get this second chance to submit my game. It honestly doesn’t even matter if it is chosen or not anymore. I just really want this completed and for the replay to be seen and judged normally. Sorry – I don’t know if it’s my autism, my perfectionism or just the fact that I had a really crappy week and I just want this one thing to go right, but please – please help me. It would honestly mean the world to me and make me so happy.

I will be honest and say that I honestly did freak out a little and panicked and had meltdowns when I first found out that my perfect replay was un-replayable. However- I do want to bring to your attention that I have slightly improved now and in more control over my emotions. Whilst I would be very disappointed if you can’t fix the replay issue – it is understandable with your limited resources and I reckon I should be fine and won’t freakout as much. Please do understand I had a lot going on before which is why I have fixated so much on this one replay working. Thank you so much for your time and effort both in reading this message and hopefully in fixing the issue with patch

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