Tomorrow’s EU & NA Bracket Possibilities

Content of the article: "Tomorrow’s EU & NA Bracket Possibilities"

Here's a summary of (almost) all the possible finishes for the EU and NA groups tomorrow:

Reynor gets first, MaxPax, Arctur, and KingCobra are out

Lambo plays Sephano, Bly plays PtitDrogo

If Lambo wins:

  • Lambo is 2nd, Stephano is eliminated, Bly and Drogo both get 3/4

If Stephano wins:

  • Lambo & Stephano get 3/4, winner of Bly-Drogo is 2nd, loser is eliminated


Serral gets first, DnS, Brat_OK, and Garitos are out

ShoWTimE plays goblin, Vanya plays DnS, Hellraiser plays Brat_OK

If Showtime wins:

  • Showtime gets 2nd, goblin is out

If goblin wins 2-0:

  • Then goblin and Showtime would both have a 9-6 map difference, and goblin would win any tie between them because he beat Showtime
  • So goblin is in regardless, Showtime is out unless Vanya or Hellraiser (or both) lose

If goblin wins 2-1:

  • Then Showtime beats goblin on tiebreaks 10-6 versus 9-7, so Showtime always advances
  • goblin is out unless Vanya or Hellraiser is swept 0-2


Clem, Gerald, MaNa, and SKillous advance, Harstem, SouL, Couguar, and SouLeer cannot

Clem plays SouLeer, Gerald plays MaNa, Skillous plays Harstem

Clem always gets first or second

  • This is because SKillous cannot beat Clem on tiebreaks (although Gerald or MaNa can)

SKillous usually gets 3rd or 4th

  • The only way he can get 2nd is if MaNa wins 2-1 and he wins 2-0


HeRoMaRinE, Elazer, and MarinLorD are top 3, SortOf and Kas are eliminated

Elazer plays Denver, MarineLorD plays HeroMarine, uThermal plays AqueroN

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Elazer is probably top two:

  • The only way MarineLorD gets 2nd is if he beats HeroMarine 2-0 and Denver sweeps Elazer

For 4th place:

  • If uThermal wins 2-0 he's in
  • If uThermal wins 2-1 he's in unless Denver sweeps Elazer 2-0
  • If Aqueron wins 2-0 he's in unless Denver sweeps Elazer 2-0
  • If Aqueron wins 2-1 he's in unless Denver beats Elazer by any score
  • SortOf is out because he cannot beaut Aqueron or uThermal on tiebreaks, and they both cannot lose


Neeb, Scarlett, and MCanning (!) are top 3, Vindicta, DisK, and Cuddlebear are out

Neeb plays MCanning, Scarlett plays Vindicta, Namshar plays DisK, Silky plays Cuddlebear

If Neeb wins:

  • MCanning is third unless he forces game 3 and Scarlett loses 0-2, then MCanning is second

If MCanning wins:

  • Neeb is third if Scarlett wins
  • If both Neeb and Scarlett lose Neeb is still second unless he loses 0-2 and Scarlett loses 1-2

Namshar is in if he wins and Silky loses by any scores. Otherwise Silky is in.


This is a pretty wide open group, with Rob, TLO and PiLiPiLi out
Nina plays Asuna, Astrea plays Rob, Masa plays TLO, and Future plays PiLiPiLi

If Nina wins or Asuna wins 2-1:

  • Astrea and Nina will advance in the top two spots

If Asuna wins 2-0:

  • Asuna and Astrea will advance in the top two spots

If MaSa loses:

  • He is eliminated, Future is 3rd/4th
  • The top two as determined by Nina-Asuna

If MaSa wins:

  • If both Future and Asuna win, MaSa is eliminated
  • If either one of them loses, MaSa will be ahead on tiebreaks and will advance
  • If they both lose, Future is out
  • …unless Future loses 1-2 and Asuna loses 0-2, then Asuna is out
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