Urgent Help: Replays from 17/06/2020 unavailable

Hiya; I actually noticed this problem almost as soon as it happened but i didn't have the strength to post this cos of my chronic fatigue and other issues.

I have this amazing game I wanted to submit for pig's icyfar; but the replay file can't be played because "The version of Starcraft II required to play this game is unavailable". I asked around and other people had the same issue. Something happened on the 17th that caused those games to be unavailable to be replayed.

Now I'm kinda freaking out cos that was the perfect game, and I just want that specific game to be submitted; idec anymore if it gets selected or not. I'm just not dealing well at all with life and I want this goshdarn one tiny thing to go my way for once in my crappy life.

I'm freaking out with my depression, my mental health issues, my autism and everything and I just want that blooming game to be submitted normally. I can't take this anymore and I need help please… and also don't tell me to go see a medical professional or anything because I've probably tried more things then you can name.

Sorry I'm kinda losing my mind a tiny bit and this might be a stupid thing to have a meltdown over but I just right now can't deal with all the chronic pain and fatigue and I just want this one thing. Please can someone help me – is there any way to recover this game, please… I can't take this anymore.

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This is the game:

Please I'm begging someone to help me get it sorted and sent to pig's icyfar. I probs sound like a spoiled brat rn; but I just want this one thing. I haven't been able to play starcraft 2 all week cos of my chronic pain and I'm getting close to suicidal (dw I won't do it probably and not getting this in wont tip the scale or anything but I just really want it in). I'm just dealing with so much rn…

I do also have a youtube video of the game from my stream but I don't want this post to be seen as self promotion so I won't submit it unless it will help recovering the file such that it is replayable. Sorry for my freakout, please help me 🙁 .


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