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All these links are found at the Wiki page, which is pinned at the top (labeled as "Wiki")



1.If you wish to promote weekly mutation videos, post them under the weekly mutation mod post. Do not make a separate post for them.

2.READ THE WIKI before asking questions. It has a lot of information.

3.Don't be an asshole.

4.No spam.

5.No low effort posts.

  1. No "when will we have a new commander/map?" posts.

General info


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  • Attack waves – unit compositions – Ground/Air etc

  • Commander/Map release history

  • Map information – Objective timings/Attack wave timings etc

  • Enemy upgrade timings – Storm/Cloak etc

  • Bird's eye view of maps

  • Part & Parcel – Which abilities can break the boxes

  • Vermilion Problem – Location of the Crystalsmade by CtG


  • Mastery Levels Power Sets

  • Team Liquid Commander guides – Explains build orders, unit compositions, map tips etc

  • Alarak – formula for the "Empower me" buffs

  • Stukov – Interaction between Infested Compound and Chronoboost

  • Han & Horner – Stronger Death Chance Mastery explanation

  • Dehaka – Devour and Scorching Breath – Explained


Custom Mutation ideas – by Maguro


Similar Guides

More about StarCraft

Post: "Useful links" specifically for the game StarCraft. Other useful information about this game:

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