[VENTING] I’m very sad because of the current state of this Franchise.


After Blizzard fired more people, I just felt to do write this. It's just some ranting I have written on the current state (or un-state) of the franchise. Yes, I am mad. Yes, I might be wrong or just straight up hypocrite. But what I must assure you is that I'm being straight forward on how I feel and what I believe in this matter.

If comment something bellow, even if it's to blame or give me the middle finger, I will say that I loved a lot that you at least opened my post up, since I believe that no one will care about what I have to speak up.

I Love this Thing

Before the Pandemic, I was with the idea of buying the collectors editions of every StarCraft game ever made, and also replay them from the start, along side reading all books. I was in such a vibe of fully committing myself to become a fully-fledged StarCraft geek, getting better at the game and all. I could even get some Battlecruiser and Carrier replicas.

Despite not being a StarCraft player, only giving myself some seasons of actually playing the game, I always, since age 6, have desired the best for this franchise. I always wanted StarCraft to be at the top of views, sells and played hours between all video games. StarCraft is the best and awesome, doesn't matter if I'm not playing it.

I did also dreamed about a Disney+ original about the universe and it being a major success.

StarCraft is "Better" than Star Wars

Being a gamer from early on in life gave me the experience that to a franchise to be great, it must also have periodic developed content over-time. One example is Star Wars, which even though had it's history to end in 1983, through history we have seen franchise to continue, through George Lucas' three prequels films (Episodes I, II, III) and Disney's three sequels (Mandalorian, Ahsoka, Rangers of the New Republic).

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Not only those sequences of the Original story of Star Wars does help the franchise's well-being, but it can generate a domino effect to trigger the development the franchise even further. Hence you have all of the Star Wars books, spin offs, cartoons, comics… All of that gives the end result of a very "breathable" universe.

But there is something within Starcraft that is even ahead of Star Wars. Starcraft has more consistency than Star Wars. 1) It's a universe with very clear stablished rules, and these rules are more strictly than Star Wars does to its own narrative rules; 2) It's far more episodic than Star Wars, Starcraft has done a great job into developing the point A goes to Point B aspect of a history, not being like the Leviathan that Star Wars is with its multiple development front teams.


All of that Star Wars comparison speech, is to that StarCraft should be much more than what it is because of one thing: Why isn't Blizzard developing ANYTHING for the franchise? We have seem considerable developments with the CO-OP, Warchest and Nova: Cover Ops. All of this is great, but: A) It's not a fully blown new game title, and B) Why did this all suddenly stopped?

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Blizzard simply decided a "aight, I'ma head out!" on Starcraft, they simply stopped, forget or basically gave up on a whole franchise. Let's recapitulate that BLIZZARD SIMPLY DECIDED TO FORGET ABOUT A WHOLE STABLISHED FRANCHISE BECAUSE OF NO APPARENT REASON.

I look at this apathy from the company with abysmal perplexity because… It's the company that earns actual money from making the game and the franchises' content, not me! The only thing I get is less money, feelings, reasons to press some buttons and pixeled images to watch over. Blizzard earns money, and they are completely apathetic to make that money.

The way I see it, it seems that for Blizzard StarCraft looks more like an annoyance, an expandable nostalgia conductor, than an actual field of work that they should pay respects to. This make melancholic because this game raised me, and now the only thing left is to see the franchise slowly get into the trash can by the ever rising common public disinterest as the company itself is disinterested.

What Could've Been

One of the arguments one can make to justify the non-development of StarCraft new titles is that Blizzard after Nova: Cover Ops, Blizzard entered a sudden eternal writer's block and that the franchise is ended.

This company makes a new Warcraft expansion every 2 years (WHICH IS MUCH HARD TO MAKE BY THE WAY), but to our RTS that has all the engine, stablished universe, composed of 2 or 3 dozen of 4×4 maps can't have new expansions for some reason.

For some reason, Blizzard makes stories upon stories of Warcraft every year (which is a much more complex universe), but for some reason StarCraft is impossible.

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Let me tell you something. Give me a break! Even the goddam Avatar: Legend of Aang producers are working to this day (if you don't know that franchise is far more on a this story ended state than StarCraft), but still, the only thing from Blizzard is apathy.

It feels like having a much loved national monument symbol on your country, get forgotten to root in lack of maintenance from the government. It's the government that earns the most from tourism to that monument! Not me!


Anyways, sorry for the text wall, it's that it's all just depressing, seeing a company that I was so grateful for bringing this game, the first I ever played, sit on her hands while the franchise looses its value over time to the eventual point of no return.


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