WardiTV Winter Championship Playoffs match thread

Welcome to the Playoffs of the WardiTV Winter Championship! Tomorrow (the 18th of March) the tournament begins with the round of 16.


Live updated scoreboards on Liquipedia and I will also do my best to keep up the ones in this post throughout the broadcast, as my other obligations permit.


Broadcast time

12:00 UTC


Countdown to next broadcast


Liquipedia Tournament Page. Includes a regularly updated bracket visual as well as timestamps


r/starcraft discord for live commentary and more


For newer viewers



Main Stream (WardiTV)

German Stream (TaKe)

French Stream (O'Gaming)

Polish Stream (Indy)

Spanish Stream (Enki)

Korean Stream 1 (IntoTheInu)

Korean Stream 2 (Maddox)

Russian Stream 1 (Pomi goodgame)

Russian Stream 2 (Pomi Twitch)

Chinese Stream (SCBoy)



VODs will be available in the following places:

Twitch (look for the videos tab of each channel, listed above)

WardiTV on YouTube (spoiler free)


All matches are best of 3 (first to win two maps wins the match)


Ro16 Scoreboard

Match Players Score: Aligulac result prediction:
1 (Team Liquid) Clem vs. DnS 2-0 2-0
2 (Team Liquid) MaNa vs. (Dragon Phoenix Gaming) Zest 1-2 1-2
3 (Shopify Rebellion) ByuN vs. (Team eXon) Gerald 2-0 2-1
4 (Afreeca Freecs) Armani vs. (Team Oplon) Denver 0-0 2-1
5 (Dragon Phoenix Gaming) Cure vs. (Alpha X) Nice 0-0 2-0
6 (Alpha X) Zoun vs. (Cascade) souL) 0-0 2-1
7 (KaiZi Gaming) Solar vs. (Cascade) SKillous 0-0 2-1
8 (BIG) ShoWTimE vs. (Alpha X) RagnaroK 0-0 2-1

Quarterfinals Scoreboard

Match Players Score: Aligulac result prediction:
1 (Team Liquid) Clem vs. (Dragon Phoenix Gaming) Zest 1-2 1-2
2 (Shopify Rebellion) ByuN vs. Ro16 M4 winner 0-0 TBD

Loser's Round 1 Scoreboard

Match Players Score: Aligulac result prediction:
1 DnS vs. (Team Liquid) MaNa 2-1 1-2
2 (Team eXon) Gerald vs. Ro16 M4 loser 0-0 TBD


If you've read this far, do also check out the event calendar on for further tournaments or events. There's plenty of Starcraft going on before and after this event!


Enjoy the games!


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