Weekly Mutation Rankings – Certain Demise

This week combines two relatively simple mutators into a bunch of different challenges. Most commanders have to delay their expansions, Avenger'ed armies and especially hybrids can be rough, and reanimators require some sort of map control or sturdy defense. Most commanders can handle these requirements between two allies, and some have an especially easy time. Remember that killing all structures on the map will stop Reanimator from spawning and make the rest of the mission trivial, and its very doable by avoiding pushing Jinara too much as you clear the map, especially after the second hybrid spawn.

One key tip is to not take expansions until you either cleared the middle (mid base near starting objective location and the two expacs) or you're confident you can defend against the incoming reanimators. Most commanders would also want to delay killing any unit until the first jinara-pushing wave and base attack show up, to avoid spawning reanimators needlessly early.

Artanis – 7. I feel like i give him 7 a lot. Slower expac slows his mass dragoon ball, and any avenger comp thats decent vs dragoons can be made much more dangerous. He doesn't have any trouble vs hybrids thanks to dragoons' great single target dmg, and once you have map control target firing the reanimators shouldn't be particularly difficult. Calldowns should be saved for the massive second attack wave and hybrid spawns as usual.

Abathur – 10. You have a ton of options. You can make a Reanimator zoo (viper abducts 4 reanimators into a space enclosed by buildings, stopping them from reanimating anything and no more will spawn). Ravagers kinda deal with everything pretty good. Ultimate Evolutions+Vipers and Defilers make any avenger comp a joke. Swarm Hosts can defend against reanimated units for a long while, and Brutalisks teleports can systemtically destroy buildings while your other army clear elsewhere.

Alarak p3 – 9. Fast mothership gives you the pushing power you need to demolish the middle, and from there it's relatively simple to clear the first and second hybrid spawn points, giving you great map control and a decently timed expansion. Ascendants or even regular mech can take care of the rest as long as you stay on top of new Reanimators.

Dehaka – 8. Mutalisks, Swarm Hosts and calldowns can deal with avenger'ed armies easily enough, the problem is getting the map control to get there with reanimators spawning. My suggestion is avoiding farming xp until the first waves come, the levels you'll get from doing it aren't worth fast-spawning the Reanimators when you don't have the means to fight them. P3 is particularly useful for the early portion of the game, which is where you'll have the hardest time, due to the ability to "waste" a devour to quickly eliminate a reanimator at a time where your low dps might let them snowball out of control.

Fenix – 9. Robo openings' pushing power can comfortably annhiliate the middle while also sniping Avengers fairly well. Suits help carry the load vs the first hybrid spawn and dangerous second attack wave, and thats where most commanders struggle. It is especially wise to statis the first hybrids, kite their escort backwards and kill them away so the hybrids dont get buffed, though by that point you should have all your ground champions and thus have the dps to deal even with avenger'ed hybrids.

Han&Horner – 6.5. Their biggest problem is the heavy attrition of the early game before they have strong burst dps to snipe Reanimators. If you can get past that, you should be able to snowball into a reanimator-hunting reaper ball, though their lack of sustained defense means you really gotta be on top of it. Some Avenger comps will also tends to cost them more units, but you should have the dps to push through it if you survive early on.

Karax – 8.5. If you rate him purely as a support commander he'd be higher, because he mostly triviliazes the pressure of the mission and makes it a "deal with Avenger" map. Static Defense can outlast Reanimators for days, and because they will run out of far away units to reanimate they'll eventually come close to Khadaryn Monolithis which will destroy them. Then all thats left is to support your ally vs avenger with an army and topbar. I gave him this rating because his ability to solo carry isn't quite as high.

Kerrigan – 8.5. The hero unit is increadibly efficent in clearing expansion areas, and can also quickly leap and kill Reanimators. Once situated, nydus ports should let you react to any surprise reanimators that slipped past the middle while also speed clearing the rest of the map. That said, many Avenger comps can be particularly tough for her, and you should make liberal use of her immobilization wave for all the spawns and any other dangerous engagement you can spare its cd for. P2 is helpful in stunning everything beside the hybrids, letting your hydras dps do its work, whereas p0 will have an easier time in the early game where its still a small bunch of units.

Mengsk – 7. Avenger is surprisingly tough for him early on before he has a slew of royal guards. Be dilligent with bunker play for defense if you get a rough comp, and focus on aegis guards vs ground and troopers vs air, the other royals take too long to ramp. If you get a really evil comp like robo protoss variants you might simply need more help from an ally. The good news is, once you took care of the tough early game, he has great defense, calldowns, and royal guard dps to handle the hybrids.

Nova – 8. Libs and Banshees dominate ground and are great defense against reanimators too, but air is slightly more troublesome. If using p1, you can have enough raven turrets to bait Battlecruisers' Yamato and thus conserve your forces, otherwise ghosts emp is a great option. High apm players can really push well with cloaked banshees and sieged liberators. p3 is a decent option to shorten clearing time but not recommended if you're carrying a weak ally, because the lack of early game anti ground aoe and tanking is noticable.

Raynor – 6. His slow ramp is the biggest problem. Calldowns should as usual do the heavy lifting early game, and if your ally isn't strong you should time hyperion to do the second wave and then immediately trigger the first hybrid spawn so it will help you where you're weakest. The problem is, bio doesn't do particularly well against Avenger and even tanks tend to suffer losses. P3 is a valuable route for better sustained dps and less attrition, but early game might still get rough.

Stetman p2 – 10. Between speed field to hunt Reanimators, Gary to clear and HUGS field overcharge to stand your ground against hybrid spawns, you should have all the tools you need to comfortably clear the map. One tip i'd recommend is to consider adding lategame broodlords if facing heavy ground (such as toss reavers, siege tanks, collosi etc). They don't suffer losses like lings, lurkers or ultras, are easy to control, have decent dps with upgrades and Super Gary alone might take too long to clear Avenger waves. Ling Hydras work well vs everything else.

Stukov – 10. p1 is extremely well suited for this week, having strong calldowns to cover the early game, a simple macro cycle and the perfect units to deal with reanimators in the form of Diamondbacks and Siege Tanks. You can generally have an easy time with just Diamondbacks if the enemy doesn't have long range anti ground, and simple add a couple tanks if they do. Diamondbacks hunt reanimators extremely well without being bugged down by reanimated units or the pesky Reanimators running away. Alternatively, go p3 and send infested towards Jinara's route while your ally leisurely clears objective.

Swann – 8. Much like Karax, he can position defensively to pretty much neutralize Reanimator pressure, with any prestige. Going offense is harder due to his slow ramp and high chance of casualties early on, so unless you have a strong ally its easier to go defensively to guard your expansions and ramp up afterwards.

Tychus p2 – 10. Lots of 10 this week, and Lone Wolf is definitely one of them, easily controlling the map while clearing both buildings and reanimators. Vs the later hybrid spawns you can have Sam use his stealth suit, Demolition Charge them, pull him far back and then engage with a different outlaw with the hybrids already dead. Just be careful not to lose Outlaws to the waves that come to Jinara as they can be surprisingly deadly with Avenger.

Vorazun – 8.5/7, depending if vs Ground or Air. She's very well suited to handle a ground comp, especially something without early detection, and DTs double as perfectly great Reanimator hunters (use them for map visions to guard areas reanimators can come from). Air makes things much more complicated because she needs to invest in air tech which isn't efficent vs reanimators, and its gonna be hard having enough of either for waves and reanimators. If you face air, consider letting your ally handle the waves while you focus on reanimators, clearing, and hybrids.

Zagara p3 – 9. Despite ussualy having trouble vs Avenger, the powerful hero unit combined with lings removing Hybrid armor, and the fact hybrid spawns are easily planned for with roach drops and banelings, lets her shine this week. Vs air you'll have a harder time as typical for this weekly, but Scourge still do fairly well. Her hero unit being able to quickly teleport and snipe Reanimators is also very useful. P1 can do better vs air armies but at the cost of making Reanimators and the early game harder.

Zeratul – 10. P3 is always broken but this week its even better then normal by completely trivializing the early game. However, due to being able to easily snipe detectors and having access to a strong defense with stun towers and shieldguards, all the other prestiges can do well as well.


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