Weekly Mutation Rankings – Frostbite

The challenge in this week is how slow clearing is through normal means. If you don't have a commander that can cheese it or handle mines well this forces you to face the harder nights with multiple nydus or stanks.

Luckily, most commander combos can either defend for long or clear fast enough, or both. Top rankings are commanders who can do it all solo.

Artanis – 7. Dragoons and even reavers in later nights can defend decently well, and sacrifical zealots can be warped to pre clear mines, especially with guardian shell. He's not excellent in either, but he can help get the job done.

Abathur – 9.5. Swarm hosts can defend for days if you simcity well. Mutalisks or guardians can clear without being at much risk from mines, though you still wanna actually watch the screen to avoid blizzard clouds. You can also specc into toxic mines charge mastery to give you another option for preclearing mines.

Alarak – 6.5. He has no tools to speed clear mines besides actively triggering them, and his only air comp (p3) isn't particularly fast nor cheap, so losses are painful. His defensive splash (namely Vanguards) are also subpar compared to most commanders anti infested defense which may cause problems if you face later nights. Still,he can work, just harder.

Dehaka – 9.5. Same as abathur really, only you can use swarm hosts for clearing too by sending locust waves to mines location. Dehaka himself and calldowns are also great ways to pre clear a base, and Guardians are excellent at actually killing structures. Feel free to clear some during the night, just be careful from chip dmg if Dehaka isnt there to heal them.

Fenix – 7. His defense is workable with mass collosi and champions but you wanna really try and preclear mines with praetor suit warpin and charge (dont let it die) before going in with the army, because his army is expensive to lose. Alternatively, p2 can send khaldalis and kill stuff with no fear of losses, but your long term defense will suffer because p2 collosi are bad, so don't do this without an ally that can defend well.

Han&Horner – 8. Their offense is nigh perfect due to quick reapers and mostly the air strikers, but their defense isn't. This means if your ally can hold or help offense, you can end it very quickly and with no issues, but if you have to hold for long you might want an ally to hold the fort.

Karax p3 – 10. Other prestiges are also excellent, but p3 can hold defense forever while also using observers and topbar to easily clear all structures. Other prestiges can do the same, just slower.

Kerrigan – 9.5 .Lurkers defense is solid, and nydus spam, kerrigan leaps or broodlords' broodlings auto attacks deal with mines extremely easily. The only reason she's not a 10 is that if for whatever reason you delay a lot, hydras and lurkers might have issues vs multiple stanks or nyduses.

Mengks – 10. Bunkers and a single tank can easily hold all entrances if you simcity well. Make a wall that combines the northeast and the eastermost entrance so the tank/s there can help each other. multiple ESOS group (one in middle, rest near or below mineral line) can reach all infested structures. He can thus easily solo and it only gets easier with an ally that can kill some buildings on his own. P1 is easiest to do it with but p2 is the only one I'd outright discourage because you want most of your supply on bunkers and ESOs, not royal guards. Lastly, you wanna end the game before multiple stanks because you don't want to invest in the amount of aegis guards it would take to hold them.

Nova p3 – 9.5. Can freely clear structures and defend fairly well with a number of comps. Other prestiges need to be more dilligent vs mines and thus i wouldnt rate them as highly. She can hold her own even vs some stanks though, so you have some breathing room.

Raynor – 8.5. His tank and bunker defense is rather strong when no economic or damage mutators bother him. For offense, you can go cloaked banshees for sniping buildings, and use calldowns to clear other parts of the map, both of which can be done during the night. P2 isn't a bad idea for more frequent mech speed and stim, just don't go p1.

Stetman – 10. The blizzards and infested might kill stetelites, but p2 still dominates thanks to an abudance of them and gary zone. Activating FAST configuration and just running around an area with super gary can clear an entire zone of mines in seconds. Lurkers and hydras are great defenders, and broodlords can clear structures very well. Attrition dmg is countered by HUGS healing, surprise blizzards or mines countered by FAST field and the rest of the time you overcharge stettelites in JUICE configuration to keep broodlords in high energy. Use extra minerals for structures or lings to hold off Stanks.

Stukov p3 – 10. You basically afk your way to victory. P1 is also very good, just requires a lot more attention vs mines.

Swann p2 – 9.5. A nigh perfect defense coupled with cloaked wraiths for offense is all you need, but you also get laser drill calldowns for even faster clearing. Just be very careful to not trigger mines in a blizzard with your wraiths. Other prestiges work too, just need more tank support in comparison to p2.

Tychus – 9. His defense is strong if you can split blaze and sirius, and he can trigger and dodge mines pretty well, or even outheal them. Still, try to end it fast before your ally has to carry defense vs the tougher nights.

Vorazun – 7. You can go blinking dts or add mass oracles for offense. Her defense is also relatively alright. Its just annoying to lose a high amount of units to accidental mine hits.

Zagara p3 – 8. You will need help with long term defense, but her spawns and cheap units can deal with mines well enough. Clouds and mines make it hard for her to clear fast enough to be completely self reliant, however. P1 requires a different style of micro but works just the same.

Zeratul – 10. P2 especially clears and dodges mines very easily. And you can warp canons to do both even faster. Speed prism micro is yet another way to get rid of mines.


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