What I have learned from Protoss

This I wrote in early 2017. Dreaming as a Protoss longing for Aiur. But Aiur is Earth.

"We could be aiming for the stars, colonizing the deepest parts of our planet, understanding the logic behind the ecosystem's delicate balance, converging on clever international laws to responsibly save Earth from our foolishness…

But instead, we try to conquer with old, corrupt and failed philosophies, we force the past into the ever changing present because our pride lies among corrupt webs that bind our minds to ideals that spread through lesser minds like an oily mud staining brilliance and potential.

We are content with living "normal" lives when we could, as a society, build the path for true greatness in unison, become a shining beacon of hope and light among other countries and break the limits of humanity by showing a true "world citizen" behavior and erase frontiers, prejudices, hatred, violence, poverty, hunger, unfairness, corruption.

It's the same thing to watch humanity grow darker and weaker and more dangerous than to watch an eagle be clipped of its wings, a lion of its mane and fangs, an elephant of its tusks.

Instead of uniting, we break, instead of saving, we kill, instead of nurturing, we deprive.

No wonder people commit suicide and are generally depressed, the world has become, or has always been, a beautiful ball of life that's growing the darkest disease the universe has ever known, mankind's recklessness, selfishness, lack of resposibility in pursuit of temporary profit and power.

We have the power to create robots, to heal the unimaginable, to build the amazing, yet we are content in feeding ourselves the lies we see on TV and on the web, and believe that the poorest places of Earth are poor because of bad luck and not because the powerful prey on the weak and the weary for their excessive gain. We dream of saviors because we are surrounded by villains, by carrions, by thugs.

I feel not depressed for this, I feel angry, angry at my own powerlessness, my own weakness, my own lack of discipline, I could change the world, but I fear my destiny if I even try, so many greater persons than myself have tried and have been assassinated, shadowed or abandoned, that the hope for a true change for the better seems unattainable.

I am sorry for not being able to provide with actions to solve the problems, I am weak compared to the darkness my country holds. I'm sorry for the mess humanity has created for our only home, I live in a state of powerlessness and cynicism because I know each day I don't act towards the progress I believe we could make, I am supporting destruction by omission, by inaction.

I wait for no messiah, no champion, no hero, no god, to save this place, or this world. I can only trust a handful of people and they are too up to their heads with the mud and shit we are in. I'm the failed hero of my own expectations. This is the reality I've come to accept.

Dark and sober, cynic and insouciant, selfish and vain, is what I've become in lue of the bright warrior I would like to be.

And this, is my fault alone. I thought I'd share it with you."


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