Which units would you keep, and which throw in the trash, for StarCraft 3?

Content of the article: "Which units would you keep, and which throw in the trash, for StarCraft 3?"

I’ve been thinking very hard about an hypothetical starcraft 3 and which units would be good to have there. Unfortunately I think many of the current units are not very good.

I’ve divided sc2 units into different categories over whether they should stay or not.

Core. Units that form the core of the races and should be on every starcraft game.

Terran: Marine, Siege Tank, Battle Cruiser, Ghost. Zerg: Zergling, Hydra, Mutalisk, Ultralisk. Protoss: Zealot, Observer, Carrier, High Templar, Dark Templar, Archon.

Best: The best designed units in starcraft 2 that should definitely stay in the game.

Protoss: Blink Stalkers (probably the best designed unit in the game). Warp prism ( The micro potential and ranged pickup are great and make for great moments). Zerg: Banelings. I know they are a little bit too good right now, but their interaction with other units is great. Terran: Medivacs. Hellions, a great unit very versatile. Cool that it can transform into hellbat. Vikings are also great being able to fly and land.

Maybe units Units that are meh, could stay or go.

Terran: Marauder. Banshee. Zerg: Roach. Nydus worm. Protoss: Sentry, Adept, Phoenix. Colossus (widely criticized at the launch of WoL but I think they aren’t as bad as people thought. It’s cool they can go over terrain and it’s interesting that they can be hit with both air or ground units. At the same time they are kind of dull).

Units that have potential but need a redesign: These are mostly units that were designed to do X, but somewhere down the line they were changed and lost their purpose. Now they work but they are kind of a band-aid.

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-Infestor. Completely lost original meaning. -Thor. Blizz never quite figured out what to do with this unit and the guns on it’s back. -Corruptor. If there is one band-aid ability in the game it’s corruption. -Void Ray. Yet another unit that Blizzard didn’t quite know what to do with. -Tempest. It started as an AoE Air to Air agaisn’t mutas, then had 22 range, then 15 and bonus vs massive, then 14 range and hits building hard… -Lurker. Classic unit, one of the few siege units for zerg. Got brought back to the game to help (at the time) struggling zergs, but it’s too cost effective and supply effective. Counters literally everything on the ground in a direct engagement, which goes against what Zerg as a race is supposed to be. -Raven. I think this one has always been a little bit of a mess. Trash units. Units that are terrible and should not be seen ever again.

-Swarm Host. Balance aside this unit shouldn’t even stay in starcraft 2 blizzard pls. -Brood Lords. To the trash. -Vipers. To the trash. -Liberators: To the trash. -Cyclone: To the trash. -Oracle: To the trash. -Mothership: To the trash.

Undecided: Disruptor: Disruptors on one hand are super binary. They kill all or they do nothing. That makes Protoss even more of a binary race than they already were. However, games with disruptors are very exciting to watch, and against things like stimmed marines and Blink stalkers they make for interesting interactions similar to banelings. Torn on this one. Queens: I think it’s cool how they spread creep, inject hatcheries and how you need to manage them. But they make defending a little bit too easy early game.

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Thoughts on this list?

Which units would you keep and which would you throw in the trash for starcraft 3?


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