Why are there no StarCraft “clones”?

Content of the article: "Why are there no StarCraft “clones”?"

It has been over ten years since the last installment in the StarCraft franchise. Blizzard has made no announcements or shown interest in developing StarCraft 3 in the near future (I hope I am wrong). So I am left to wonder why no other companies have taken a crack at the RTS throne. Before we get a rush of responses allow me to clarify what I suspect are the three most common arguements and why I believe these aren't entirely accurate.

Claim: StarCaft is a dead game.

Fact: This is somewhat akin to the "PC is dead" arguments you used to see on the internet. Starcraft averages upwards of a 100,000 players each ladder season, a two-fold increase from 4 years ago. The fact that it does not have the most players does not mean their aren't still players playing the game and therefore a potential market. Source:

Claim: Current gamer's don't like hard games.

Fact: If you build it they will come. It is clear that there are different types of gamers who like different things. It is also clear that their are many players who prefer "hard" games. The Dark Souls franchise has sold over 27 million copies. Source:,-May%2019%2C%202020&text=Newsbrief%3A%20The%20Dark%20Souls%20series,launching%20back%20in%20March%202016

Claim: There are plenty of Real-Time Strategy games.

Fact: While it is true their are numerous games in the RTS genre that continue to come out (AOE, Iron Harvest, Total War), none of these appear to be designed with the same focus and style as StarCraft II. Contrast this with the numerous "WOW Killers" we saw year after year for World of Warcraft or the relative success of Diablo clones such as POE and Torchlight.


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