Why do I get so mad when I lose? How do I prevent it?

First time poster, I read the rules and this seems like it should be an OK post but LMK if it's not.

Plat 3 player here in 1v1. Just started playing a few months ago, recently made my way up to P3 from S3.

When I play Starcraft my mindset is very fragile.

Recently I've been having a great mindset and playing very well. I know when I'm in a good mindset because I enjoy the game and I'm having fun. When I'm having fun, I can get a feel / predict what my opponent is doing, I can keep up with all my macro / microing, I don't get supply blocked, etc. The game just flows and it's enjoyable.

However, just to spice things up I decided to jump into a 2v2. My teammate was criticizing everything I did the whole game, said that I suck, I'm trash, my pylon / building placement is trash, then after the game he whispered me just to tell me he carried me and I suck at the game. It felt pretty crappy.

This is when the spiral started. That guy made me angry. And I thought to myself, if I jump into a 1v1 and win a game it'll make me feel better. However, since I was angry I played TERRIBLY. I was making mistakes that I normally never make, like constantly supply blocking, forgetting to build production, just mistakes that are not normal for me.

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After losing that first game, I jumped into another game even more pissed off. I'm writing this message to you after game nine of consecutive losses without a single win.

I went from Plat 3 down to Gold 1. I want to keep playing, but I know if I do I'll be Silver 3, then Bronze 3. I'm not joking.

I used to play Rocket League. I was Plat 3 and it was my dream to hit D1. At one point it seemed like I was only one win away from D1. However, I lost that game. Then I lost another. I tilted off for the next 4 hours and next thing I knew I was Silver 2. Then I uninstalled the game and I literally never played since.

It's a shame because when I had fun in Rocket League I had a lot of fun. But I just got too angry and my doc said my blood pressure was elevated, my wife said when I played the game I was miserable to be around, and for the sake of preserving my life I had to uninstall and quit.

Up until now I felt like I had a healthy attitude towards SC2 and I've been having fun. But I can feel the rage boiling and I'm afraid I'm going to have to uninstall, and SC2 will go into the graveyard of games that I had to quit out of rage.

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Has anyone gotten over this problem before? I'm looking for practical tips and something I can do, anything, to prevent myself from getting mad at games.

I DON'T WANT TO GET MAD AT GAMES ANYMORE. I'm sick of getting mad at the things I enjoy forcing me to quit. If I keep uninstalling every hobby that frustrates me, next thing I know I'll have no hobbies and my life will just be boring and meaningless.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!


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