Why does it feel worse to lose as a Terran?

Content of the article: "Why does it feel worse to lose as a Terran?"

TLDR: I think losing while Terran feels worse than losing as the other races, but that's actually… fine? It's a necessary counterbalance to the strengths of the race and it's evidence of good design.

Background: I'm Gold 1 in Protoss and Gold 3 in Terran, Zerg, and Random. I have a silly, cheesy style and I like having fun more than I like winning. Since I'm just playing for fun, losing never really bothers me much. After plateauing in Protoss, I started playing the other races to learn more about the game. Recently, I've been feeling frustrated and angry while losing as Terran, while losing as the other races still doesn't bother me.

I used to think that players who choose Terran are just inherently immature. For example, maybe they choose Terran because they prefer being human (xenophobia) or because they're brainwashed by the military-industrial complex (imperialism), and that leads to them getting angry when they lose. Then I started playing Terran and getting really frustrated with Zerg macro and Protoss cheese. It made me think… what if playing Terran can be inherently frustating because of the race's specific weaknesses? Terran is quite powerful. I think it's actually stronger than Protoss. It's just that losing as Terran feels worse.

I consider Terran to be the generalist race, whereas Protoss is the specialist race and Zerg is the economist race. Terran wins by doing a little bit of everything and making defeat impossible. Protoss wins by countering the opponent's composition or piercing through the opponent's style. Zerg wins by overconsuming resources and sacrificing units. For this reason, when you're playing Terran and you lose, it always feels like there was nothing you could have done about it. The enemy's victory feels inevitable. In reality, though, if you watch the replay, you'll see that you made a key mistake 5 or 10 minutes before you actually gg'd. For example, you let Protoss scout your composition and hard-counter it, or you let Zerg take two extra bases uncontested.

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To be clear, I think the game's design and balance is actually really good. It's incredibly cool that it feels so psychologically different to play each race. When I lose as Protoss, I think, "Fair enough, I was playing like a douche." When I lose as Zerg, I think, . When I lose as Terran, it's all profanity. That's because Terran always makes me feel like the good guy. It fits in really well with the lore. Something to think about.


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