Why does protoss have the brute force, the micro potential and the fast unit production and economy that mech terran has against zerg?

Content of the article: "Why does protoss have the brute force, the micro potential and the fast unit production and economy that mech terran has against zerg?"

Let's take terran mech vs zerg for example, most people can agree its balanced, terran gets a big power spike with the first battlecruiser, jumps and kills some drones and gets repelled by the queens, the zerg can rebuild the drones pretty quickly because terran cant really move out with a really threatening army before they get a sizable tank/thor/cyclone count. Hellbats can be dangerous but can be scouted easily with a speed overlord and get cleaned up by banelings/roaches. Then terran can go for some cyclones with mag field and trade a bit, because of creep spread the zerg has a good idea of where the cyclones are and can surround them if the terran commits too much and goes too deep. The terran is likely building either thors or tanks behind and expanding while the zerg is either building roaches and hydras or muta ling bane(surprisingly common tbh). The zerg can keep pressure with the weaker, more mobile and more expendable army while the terran can defend and counter push when he gets an advantage with the brute force, expensive and hard to build up thors/tanks supported by expendable tanky hellbats. The zerg can use hive tech too get an even footing when it comes to a direct engagement through either vipers, lurkers or broodlords(I wouldn't reccomend broods). The terran can either pump out thors continuously and win by brute force in the late game with 10 thors building at a time from 10 different tech lab factories off of 6-7 bases, or go for a mass battlecruiser transition, zerg can respond with corruptors, terran with either thors or Vikings, zerg with vipers or infestors, terran with emp ghosts etc.

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It's pretty balanced if the zerg player knows how to use spellcasters.

Now let's move on to mech tvp.

Terran has to open with a bunker on the low ground pretty early to defend the first couple gateway units that come in. Then the protoss goes for blink stalkers. Now let's take a look at what terran can do: they can start tank production before they scout the blink and, not quite, have 2 tanks by the time the stalkers come. They have to build a bunker on the high ground(if not 2), they need a to place their buildings to form a barricade sort of wall in the main, and then they need some mobile units on top of that too defend 10 stalkers, while the protoss get a third behind that. The protoss can either blink in the dead space in the main and kill stuff from out of tank range, or blink on top of the single tank you have because you placed it too far forward, they lose 2 stalkers to the bunker and other units you might have. This looks like a good trade, 150/125 for 300/100, but then you remember they can pump out stalkers alot faster than you can pump out tanks, and they have a third finished before you can even start yours on the high ground.

Now you finally get what you think is a good number of tanks, 8 tanks to be more exact, you land the 3rd on location, get your tanks down, get your 3 full bunkers down there, get some depots to protect your tanks, and then you see the protoss coming in with a disjointed attack of 10 zealots charging into tank and bunker fire single file, 15 stalkers left over blinking in from the side, after everybody else already engaged, and 2 immortals waddling their way over to the fight, after half the zealots died. What to do? Protoss clearly shouldn't have the brute force in this situation, 8 tanks cost alot of money and time to build up, they take alot of time to siege up and position, the bunkers are also really expensive with 12 marines inside, they also take alot of time to build, then the 12 marines take quite a bit of time to build out of a single reactored barracks, the depot wall also takes quite some time to establish. And with all this time being used on make a fortified position, the protoss couldn't even take the time to engage with everybody at once and crush everything, they come in the most disjointed of fashions and still come out on top because they killed all but 2 tanks, all the bunkers and most of the scvs from the 3rd because they were pulled in to buffer for the tanks. Then they warp in another round of zealots to finish the job.

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Mech terran should have the brute force in TvZ because zerg can relax faster, zerg can expand faster, zerg can replace workers faster, zerg can see any attacks coming from half the map away, and when these advantages dont matter as much, it becomes an equal fight when vipers/lurkers come out.

The same should be in tvp, protoss can rebuild units faster, they can expand faster because the mech player cant punish greedy play, they can replace workers faster because of chrono boost and more nexi, they can see attacks coming from half way across the map because of observers, and when these advantages dont matter as much, it should be an equal fight when carriers/tempests/mass immortal/disruptor come out.

Unfortunately, it's the exact opposite protoss has the brute force along all these other advantages and either kill terran mech early or slowly die to 10 thors being pumped out at a time with liberators and hellbats(and maybe ghosts) for supports.

If we take a look at bio, it's pretty balanced, like in TvZ with mech.


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