Why humans (well the non-psionic ones) have Purity of Essence.

So, a common thing amongst fans is that the Humans/ Terrans have purity of form due to the mention of the Terrans having the potential to evolve into a psionic species with great psionic might, potentially capable of housing a xel-naga essence. But before the psionic thing came about thanks to some shennigans with gene mods back on Earth, well we Humans would be classified as a race of purity of essence by the xel-naga.

Why? Purity of Essence is defined as the ability to adapt and thrive in any environment. The Zerg have it through the ability to assimilate any traits of any species they come across, incorporating benefical traits into their DNA to adapt to changes save for a few exceptions such as the Protoss. But how does Humanity demonstrate Purity of Esssence? Well….look at our history.

Unlike the Zerg or the Protoss , we Humans were not uplifted by Amon and his xel-naga followers. We started off naked in the jungles in Africa and not the dominiant species on Earth that we would become. But we adapted, fighting off any other species that would eat us alongside our environment and eventually become the dominant species on Earth with no intervention needed.

I have a few examples below of how Humans are just as adaptable as the Zerg .

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Lighting strikes and forest fires that terrified and killed some of our ancestors ? From that we learnt how to control fire to cook food.

Wolves, aurorchs, wild boars and the ancestors of other doemsticated animals and plants? We pulled off an Abathur and selectively bred them for both food and companionship depending on the type of species, resulting in dogs, cows, pigs and other domesticated species of animals and plants.

We don't have claws, sharp teeth and venom that the other animals on Earth have? Well, we made tools to compensate for the lack of claws and sharp teeth and used our superior heat management via our sweating to run down our prey that our ancestors hunted.

End up in a cold environment with harsh winters….well, skin some animals with thick fur and use it as insulation.

And those examples alongside other instances in human history demonstrates humanity' s ability to adapt to unfamilar environments and threats and took place way long before the UPL was formed and devided to exile the ancestors of the Terrans from Earth.

The Zerg demostrate purity of essence through the ability to take DNA from species more adapted to environments than they are and incorporate the beneficial traits to their gene pool. We humans/Terrans don't have that but we demonstrate purity of essence through our ability to learn from the mistakes and triumphs of others (ideally) via observing other members of our own species and through tool/ technology creation to thrive in new environments. What the Zerg do through taking DNA from other species, we Humans do through learning from the mistakes and successes of other members of our species and tool/technology creation.

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