Why so many bad protoss?

Content of the article: "Why so many bad protoss?"

I just dont get it, why there are so many bad protoss in the SC2 community.. playing for Blizzard. Let me give you a list:

Cannon rushers. Terrible senile players that never do anything of interest. It's like they don't fucking know how to make units. My grandma can make cannons like they do – mundane replaying of the same fucking game. Terrible apm like they have glue permanently stuck on their keyboard, boring to death cannons.

Proxy gates. Same problem. Complete inability to macro or produce any sort of interesting unit combination. When I play against them I've got the constant impression of somebody trying really hard to gain MMR, and constantly failing to do that.

Mass adept all-in I like that they make a unit that requires some micro, but the macro behind it.. I do not. They seem to be extremely bored of the game all the fucking time. So I can't imagine any good standard play from them for that exact reason.

Skytoss That asshole is back from the dead. I don't even know what I hate more – the 10 apm assholes that cannon rush or the completely fake macro play of skytoss players. Man… their ability to generate fake macro and overblow it to a 200 supply unstoppable a-click army is kind of scary. They can defiantly make solid walls and has an ok amount of bases, but I cannot stand that fake macro shit parade.

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And those players do play officially for Blizzard tournament games. Except cannon rushers, not sure about them.

I have one protoss player I truly love who is IMO the best by far in the SC2 community. Better than phoenix players, better that blink DTs. Thank god he does exist and is really passionate about the game and really can make insightful plays. Has an awesome sense of humor and doesn't need to produce fake all-ins cause he does it naturally. His name (drum roll) is PartinG. And if you don't this guy by now – go fucking watch his streams.

Don't care if I hurted someone feelings. I am here to share my opinion, everything else – sorry, not my problem.


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