Why Terran are actually the most powerful race , Lorewise Obviously ?

Content of the article: "Why Terran are actually the most powerful race , Lorewise Obviously ?"

Alright I know I know , this title will make you think im high on drugs but hear me alright. Terran has always been seen as a laughing stock in the Starcraft Universe as they are always shadowed by the other 2 races which is deemed to be "Superior" but are they really more powerful , lets look at the strength and weakness of the other 2 race


*Overwhelming Numbers *Almost Limitless Potential to keep Evolving *Fearless *Work as a single mind meaning perfect coordination


*Highly "Advanced" *Possess Powerful Psionic Energy

And what does terran have ? Guns and Rockets only well thats as far as we know if we only play Melee but in Lorewise Terran actually have the most potential growth.In LOTV , instead of continuing and advancing their technology all they did was constantly recovering old technology like Spear of Adun and the Purifiers meaning their technology are reaching its cap given how we barely get any new research upgrade.For HOTS , what do they do ? Thats right , they go back to primal planet which is again old to be stronger and while they do have the ability to infinitely consume other space creatures and absorb their ability I doubt enough number of space creature are enough to keep up with Terran in the long term. Aight, now let me explain Terran's Growth in WOL ,

They never stop becoming more advanced/stronger , they constantly research Zerg and steal Protoss Technology to add them to their own units , one of the main reason people think terran are weak is because they believe Terran to be exactly like us human , a flawed race that wouldn't stand a chance in SC2 Universe but look at Ariel Hanson and Egon Stetmann , A Doctor which cured a disease even the protoss couldn't and a professional scientist that literally understands zerg/protoss technology and even develop cyborg zerg (if you see coop as canon).Some thought i always have if Terran were realistic is why don't they exchange technology with protoss or mass produce hive emulator in some way , in anyway given enough time Terran can easily dominate the other two races but ofc maybe Im wrong in some way so feel free to criticise/object

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