Yes, The Platinum Heroes Community is always looking for new players to help improve :)

Not a clan recruitment


Hey everyone,

We are "The Platinum Heroes" and we are looking for you guys! Two years ago now I felt like we needed to do something for the Bronze -> Platinum level players, a place that really focuses specifically on them. I've been in the platinum league myself for a while and sure maybe if I wasn't so scared of the ladder I'd be diamond but my rank is not important here ;)We know there are many groups and discords and youtube channels like Pig's, Lowko's, SC2swarm & TTP to name a few but they have a very wide or narrow range(race-specific) of players and they are not specifically focussed on the idea we have in mind. We'd like to zoom in on this more fragile group of players who could benefit greatly from just 1 coaching session. We're glad to say that today we have over 1700 members!

Our goals

The idea was simply to create an environment where this level of player does not have to feel scared of the ladder anymore and finally break into Diamond or even higher. We know from experience that it's quite a lonely journey and it can be hard to get in touch with people. We feel that at this level it is more important to improve your general skill and mechanics to a point at which you will automatically start promoting. We're not talking about getting your build orders down to a "to the second" precise timing like might be necessary for Masters – GM.

Because we feel that to get to that point it becomes a bit too overwhelming for the Platinum and below player. In Platinum you do have to start becoming a bit more serious and have some idea of a build order. But it is still much more important that you actually macro well and try not to miss an inject or chrono boost or prevent having production facilities not producing marines to give some examples.

We wanted to create a place where it is possible to learn these mechanics together without too much pressure. And it will be more about what went right and what went wrong. And not so much… but you SHOULD HAVE had x amount of marines at X:XX timing. Or that you spent 100 minerals too much on a spore crawler.

The goal is to keep things fairly simple and just improve your general gameplay but also just to have more fun in the game!

To achieve these goals we currently provide:

  • Free coaching from dozens of coaches!
  • 1v1 practice channels to find a practice partner
  • Strategy channels
  • Information sources
  • A place to vent all your frustrations 😉
  • Tournaments & Events with cash prizes

What we take a look at:

  • Your openings vs the different races
  • Improving your macro
  • Taking a look at your mechanics (hotkey usages, camera locations, rapid-fire, control group usage)
  • Scouting and map presence
  • Unit compositions
  • Making the right decisions
  • We take a look at how you take offensive and defensive engagements
  • And honestly a lot more, it's a complicated game.

So to keep things "short"

This is the Discord

We hope some of you will join, or refer to this discord.

If you have any pointers/critique or advice we're open to all. It is after all for the benefit of the Starcraft 2 community and therefore how could we not listen to what you have to say.


The Platinum Heroes Discord.


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