ZvP below 3500 MMR

I recently saw a very apt meme about 12 pool against cannonrush. But it appears the community cannot have consensus on even these realities. Here's a little perspective.

Let's keep it real here: in the metal leagues (also in diamond till like 3500 mmr, this is where I play, so I can definitely talk) Skytoss is utterly doubt some higher level tosses will feel the need to defend their race. To you I say, zest and all are great players. That is quite separate.

Let us see how zvp is so stupid at a lower mmr.

  1. People make workers. So it's not like you can just outmacro them and send "more hydras". Doesn't work

  2. Both players while I say they're "macroing" they can't actually spend their money. Most players would feel completely lost without their bank. However toss has access to cannon batteries. So they make a lot of them, defending runbys and things. Idk exactly why zergs don't make a fuckton of static d, but they don't for whatever reason. They seem to think it's a waste. Well anyway since it costs drones I doubt it's that great anyway.

  3. Storm is an extremely easy spell to cast. Now I know people can still cast it wrong or fuck up their Templars. However this is always of they're unprepared only. Or panicking. It's difficult to makw a toss panic. Except when they can't amove their army of course.

  4. Interceptors are a bitch. In low mmr people like to amove. The only unit that can be amoved against Skytoss is the hydra. Hydras are garbage, except when they decide to not get any form of aoe, or chargelots.

  5. Voidrays secure the early game very well. This is low mmr after all, so I don't give voids that much importance. It's not like people are god tier microing them. They just deny some scouting and can defend a lot of pressure for free. They also can snipe hatches which is pretty good against low mmr zergs. The cannon battery is what does the bulk of the work in defending. The void rays just dissuade stuff like roaches. In other words so long as the cannons hold for X seconds, any army can be cleared if it doesn't shoot up. Edit: a useful trait of voids is to fake Skytoss and go into tc allins

Coming to the "opness" of viper lurker groundtoss. First of all if someone uses vipers to abduct your disruptors, and you let it happen, it is probably because your disruptor control is much worse than the viper control. But this is of course assuming that people are using vipers to begin with. They're not. They can't. Or they'd be d2. Minimum. And plain old lurkers aren't thaaat bad to beat.

The real truth is people like to amove their nice little ball, and also suffer minimum losses. Using disruptors would be simply raising the bar for little gain. No, Skytoss storm can be amoved, it can be turtled comfortably, it will always win. It's far more op than disruptors so they go for it. Sure kt may have tje weakness of a queen walk. The likelihood of a successful one is slim. But it may require the toss to actually scout or something, which is quite the opposite of the plan of turtling.

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