150 hours of playtime and I won my first ever game!

That's it, really. I just feel like sharing with a group who can appreciate the triumph after playing for such an absurd amount of time. My fiancé doesn't share my joy…

I picked up Stellaris in 2018 (v2 at the time) and would get curb stomped each playthrough. I'd put it down in frustration, only to pick it up again because I enjoy the story elements and exploration. But the AI or crisis would pack my shit in and the cycle started over.

But today, playing as Lokken Mechanistic, I was able to seize victory!

This game I made sure to pick a species (civic?) who could claim occupied territories and go to war. At first the pesky rock gophers to the north gobbled up my key chokepoints and I was forced to play nice. But once my fleet surpassed theirs I pushed them back to galaxy center, trapping them between a fantic xenophobe and unfriendly void dwellers.

I appeared to be doing well until trying an all-out annihilation of the rock gophers and my fleet was destroyed. The Eastern fanatic birds took this chance to seize my territory, sealing their fate as soon-to-be-deceased.

Wounded, I tried to repair my economy and realised I had no clue what I'm doing. Delving into the wiki and watching many YouTube vids I learnt how to utilize planets and districts properly. Who knew pops were so important?

Attention turned to the creation of wealth within the lizard empire. Entire planets were overturned and districts demolished to strike a balance between productivity, sprawl and reproduction.

The genetic alteration of our species to expedite pop growth began – Lokken-Fukken.

Our purses heavy, navy primed, the Lokken empire successfully defeated the pathetic rock gophers and took their territory. A year later the mighty lizards turned the xenophobic fanatics, formerly birds now bat-people, into a cowering tribe by destroying all but their home system. War exhaustion claimed that resolution.

The pleas to form a federation from other empires were dismissed. I knew federations were a pain in the ass and spared the Lokken those headaches.

Refugees found their way into our system. Although our empire wasn't xenophobic, they disgusted us anyway. All species were declared undesirable and forceably removed from their shacks.

The growing super power to the west, void dwellers, threatened to dominate our burgeoning empire. Premptivley we demanded their vassalisation. Our fleet, economy and reptilian glamour were superior, you see. They declined and were punished by forceable vassalisation. Other, smaller, empires met the same fate or destruction.

By this point the Lokken required land occupied by a Fallen Empire. They put up a good fight, but our fleets prevailed. Their luxurious worlds were terraformed into deserts for the enjoyment of Lokken-Fukken.

The other Fallen Empire began threatening us and the next course of action was clear. Three wars later and the Lokken triumphed over the peacocks. We nabbed a sweet research megastructure too.

Finally, the game year looked to end. Our supremecy clear to anyone with optical sensors.

And then the Scourge came. Our navy, still battered and covered in the blood of peacocks, stood no chance.

The scourge ripped through our system and spread like a virus infecting our beautiful worlds. Several attacks on a our home system, a key chokepoint, were repelled thanks to Lokken vigor.

At this time I realised we probably shouldn't have annihilated the second most powerful empire in the game. Their ships would have been useful. Academics will declare hindsight is 20-20.

The other empires, foolishly, refused to cooperate in the senate when I declared the crisis emergency. It didn't matter though, my diplomatic weight was mightier than theirs combined. Emergency measures were enforced.

Years into crisis, and 145 hours into the game, I discovered there's more ship modules available in the Ship Designer. So that's where all the other upgrades and strikers were hiding!

Finally, after two-thirds of the galaxy was destroyed, the Lokken empire and co. removed the contagion of the scourge and victory awarded.

Thank you for reading this far. It was a lot of fun once I learnt how to actually play properly. This game lasted about 15 or 20 hours I think? Next time I'll play on a smaller galaxy and try a different play style. Hivemind or spiritualists could be fun.

Diplomacy is something I really don't understand how to game though. So if any cute otters try forcing a federation, I'll kindly tell them piss off.

Interestingly on 5.5% of players on Steam have the victory achievement. I feel accomplished!

TLDR; I won my first Stellaris game after 150 hours of playtime.


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