A brief history of Jessica Durand (short story of science leader)

Born on Alaria, year 2168. At 32 she was Captain of the ISS Nobel and one of 3 legendary exploration vessels that marked the beginning of human expanse among the stars. Her charge lead to many discoveries and adventures, most notably brokering the first communications between the Human Star Accord and Rothak Confederation. Our galactic neighbor and now our ally.

After roughly 20 years of commanding the ISS Nobel, her reputation earned her the seat of First Speaker. Jessica Durand served 3 terms of which she endured many great challenges, both personally and for her people. She lead the Alarian people through the Cataclysm of Alaria and the Great Migration, brokered a shaky alliance with a subterranean race that was discovered under the soil of New Alaria, brought the economy back from the brink, and was the first to set eyes on the newly discovered Cybrex home world. She was also the first to order the Humans Star Accords first fleet The Kraken Riders into their first battle against a group of ancient abandoned mining drones that were blocking galactic expansion in the Sapir System. Victory was swift.

Jessica Durand was not elected for a 4th term and lived out her retirement at the age of 82 assisting in physics research in a cozy research facility on New Alaria. Her years in commanding the ISS Nobel earned her experiences that helped the Human Star Accord Research Institute make massive advancement in gravatic and subspace sensor technology. Only 5 years into her retirement, First Speaker Shaurya Pillai passes away at 86 leading to a snap election.

While Jessica Durand did mention in an interview that her heart will always be with and for the people, she did also mention that she does not think at her age and current condition that she would make a great leader. None-the-less, in a snap election, an overwhelming number of Alarian citizens voted for Jessica anyways by write-in, she did not decline and was quickly placed back in the seat of First Speaker.

Her second stint as First Speaker lead to a massive growth in military fleet strength following the discovery of two incredibly old alien species with extremely advanced technology that have remained dormant for thousands of years. Nearing the end of her life she felt that before she go, that she help her people begin the process of becoming a mighty galactic force to reckon with as well, for the sake of their survival amid this new playground among the stars. She also greatly focused research on the Cybrex ring world believing it possible to restore and become a new shinning beckon and home for the Alarian people and possibly the best tool against the old fallen empires if they ever decide to step out of the shadows.

At the age of 90, She and other alien leaders of galactic empires got together and formed the Galactic Community, marking an incredible achievement not just for Human Star Accord, but for the future of the Galaxy. She passed away 5 months later at the age of 91. Earning a "Grand Funeral" which involved a beautiful display from the vary fleet she once commanded, the Kraken Riders, and a space coffin sent into the remains of Old Alaria. RIP: Jessica Durand.


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