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Hello guys, I haven't played Stellaris in a few years and the only two games I had on previous patches (Utopia) were in multiplayer with a friend and we never finished the game once hahah

So I got hooked at the game by this friend once again and since he is on holidays I started a game by myself since he told me that the game changed a lot. And I wanted to share with you my story until now.

I'm Italian, so my english will not be great, I'm sorry

So my empire is a Martial Empire, with Feudal Society and Warrior Culture, and since the portrait is the Dragon-like reptilian species I wanted the traits to represent western dragon characteristics so I gave them Very Strong and Venerable traits as bonus and Unruly, Deviants and Slow Breeders (God what have I done) as malus.

The start was…ugh…slowwww

I struggled with the new economy, but I also didn't know how the new expansion mechanic worked, ultil I understood that I had to build outposts in every system I lost a lot of momentum, that combined with my old bad habit to wait a lot to colonize planets dragged me down.

So exploring the galaxy and at East I came across my first neightbor, a race of xenophobic bugs, so I instantly improved my relationship with them, while at West I met a friendly Megacorp.

Unluckily as I said I didn't expand fast enought and both my northern and southern were occupied by the time I tried to, at North there was a Lithoid Devouring Swarm.

I managed to get the Xenophobic Bugs and the Megacorp in a Federation with me and I then declared war to the Lithoids and conquered by myself all of their outposts, since they only colonized 2 world (I had 3 but went beyond my max fleet size) and when the war ended I had claimed for myself all their systems.

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Later on the empire at South exploded for no known reason and I took all the systems that I could, with some of the most distant ones going to my Bug friends.

At this point I could finally rival my allies and started a war with a neighbouring federation around the same size as the mine, and after a really hard war, in which I had to fight as 3 thanks to the AI, I conquered half of a neighbour empire.

Too bad that the space mongols separated those new lands to my empire, therefore when my ally Megacorp started attacking them I used a construction ship to steal the system under his nose.

At the third system the Megacorp triggered both the Great Khan event aswell as myself, since I had 2 borders neighbouring the Mongols who started to erode my empire; since my fleet was exhausted by the last war who happened just a few years before I decided to surrend to the Khan.

I didn't know that this decision meant that I would have been kicked by the federations, shame on me.

I waited patiently for a chance to backstab my overlord and when the Megacorp started to push him back and destroy some of its fleets I brought all of my fleet power in the same system where the Great Khan was and I reclaimed my independence aswell as his throne, then I expanded in those system that the Khan had conquered both from me and the Megacorp.

I would have loved to get back to MY federation but during this time they had accepted a lot of new members that didn't really liked me, so I started to slowly improve their opionion and once I did that I also had to wait for them to finish a war with another big federation that ended up with the defeat of "my" federation.

Once I joined them again I started a war against the empire that I had previously invaded to unify some systems that were isolated, since the federation that backed up this empire had declined while mine had grown by a lot it was a pretty easy war and I could claim all the other empire land.

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At this point one of the federation members triggered the gray tempest, which was quite the problem since out of 6 L-Gates, 4 are in our federation and 2 were in the Bugs territory. I used all my fleetpower to invade the L-Cluster and conquered it all by myself with quite the effort.

A few years after this event the Xenophobic Bugs left the federation, I don't really know why, but it was a great loss since they had a lot of territory and were pretty high in the leaderbord, but they still hold a good opinion of me and I can still use their L-Gates so it's not too bad.

At this point I was the greatest military power in the galaxy and my economy looked pretty good aswell, I had discovered that species that don't have full-rights cannot be anything but workers, started building a few megastructures and I had finally given up to let the AI control my sectors. At the same time my ally Megacorp was the first economic power. I also had in the federation another top tier empire that joined while I was out.

So when one of the smaller federation member declared war to the second strongest federation I was confident in our possibilities, despite not being totally prepared for the war. I would have loved to expand further at Sout-East but my allied already claimed all the systems neighbouring with me, therefore I used all my influence to claim as much as possibile from the 2 enemy empire that neighboured with my northen border.

I was almost singlehandendly winning the North front and I was planning to help my dumb AI allies at south later on, when something happend…

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Looks like that empires can call themselves out of a war without losing ANYTHING if they accept to become vassals of an Awakened Fallen Empire in the War in Heaven event.

So I invested years and an embarassing amout of alloy and influence for nothing. I now have to win fast the war with the remnants of the enemy federation, since one of the two FE didn't receive any support and therefore I will have to face a full power FE with many allies once the War in Heaven ends.

What a run, what a game, I love it so much


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