A simple idea to make rebel planets a bit tougher.

As of now, when an unhappy planet rebels it becomes the wimpiest of OPMs.

I have a simple idea to improve it.

When an unhappy planet rebels, all Starbase within four jumps (a sector's distance) join the rebellion. The workers on those stations are likely to be from the rebel planet, sympathize with them, or just straight up be captured by rebel forces.

Additionally, rebel armies spawn on all planets and habitats within the same four jump distance. If the rebels win, they obviously take control of the system. If they don't win all the worlds in a system, the empire retains control and the rebels worlds in that system are treated as regular occupied worlds.

If there is another unhappy planet in that fkur jump range, and if the spawned rebel armies succeed in taking it, then the process above will repeat from the second unhappy planet outward.

(Caveat, planets in the core sector will not spawn rebels on happy worlds even within four jumps and mining stations will only flip if the original rebel world is a core world and only within one jump into the core, though four out towards the frontier or another sector is still viable).

Rebel worlds spawn some ships, scaled with the ship production capabilities of the world's they have taken.

This creates a decently viable rebel state. They can either be secessionist that are happy to peace out in a status quo ASAP, or revolutionaries who will fight to the last breath or until you accept their demands of change.

Much like the machine uprising, you will be given a choice early on to side with the rebels or remain as the empire. Revolutionaries can be embraced at any point, essentially turning the entire empire into the rebels state under your control.

Additionally, the longer you fight rebels the higher chance that other unhappy worlds fall into rebellion. If your war exhaustion becomes excessively high, especially compared to the rebels, then other unhappy worlds will either decide to secede on their own or join the revolutionaries.

Larger empires would obviously have to worry about rebels more than smaller ones.

EDIT: The spawned rebel armies are assault armies. Secessionist spawn guerilla fighters (exceptionally good defense) instead of defense armies while at war with the empire, and revolutionary rebels can train revolutionary forces that stand somewhere between a clone army and an assault army. Just to compliment their playstyles during the war.


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