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I'm pretty new to this game, so if I write something that you do not feel good about, please notify me about it. I have also taken biological ascension several time (one as hive mind, two as normal empire). I notice that "advanced traits" allow access to several more traits, all good, but they are also too expensive (It is impossible to make a nerve starved robust fertilize slave, while still delicious, and there is 9 type of planets out there so engineer each specie to each type is kinda tiring. Also, I cannot sell them with more than 1k credit). So, my idea is, since there are "good" advanced traits, why don't add "bad" advanced traits, which give you an ample amount of trait points, but also have a massive disadvantage. I also have several idea for them, and hope a modder can turm it into reality:

  • Trait: Lazy Due to incompatibility in the genetic arrangements, this specie has become very lazy. They do not do their job well, and tend to be unhappy if they have to work. Effect:
  • Greatly decrease Pop Resource output.
  • Greatly decrease employed Pop happiness.
  • Increase unemployed Pop happiness.

  • Trait: Greedy: Altered neural pattern of this specie has make them much more selfish. They tend to desire more than what they deserve, and usually steal public resource. Effect:

  • Pop Upkeep (C.G and Food) increase.

  • Pop Job upkeep increase.

  • Trait: Mentally Unstable: It is unknown whether this is an engineering error, or someone's cruel joke, but this specie's mental state is highly unstable. They tend to do what no one expected them to do. Effect:

  • Pop Crime upkeep greatly increase.

  • Trait: Xenophage (I don't know whether this is actually feasible, because I haven't seen Pop grow speed affect by another Pop, but I will list it here anyway) This specie's sense of taste has changed greatly. They tend to see all aliens as a tasty meal, and refer to our conventional food as "tasteless". This is a side effect of an hidden gen effect that we haven't known yet, surely not one of the plot of the anti-xeno faction. Effect:

  • If Xeno is present in planet:

    • Xeno Grow speed decrease.
    • Pop Food upkeep decrease.
    • Xeno Happiness decrease.
    • Pop Happiness increase.
    • Pop Crime upkeep increase. (If possible, Hive Mind should not have this penalty applied. It is not like they see xenophage as crime anyway)
  • If Xeno is not present in planet

    • Pop Grow speed decrease.
    • Pop Happiness greatly decrease.
  • Trait: Rebellious: Seem like our efford to increase this specie's war capabilities have pay off well… a bit too well. Apparently, they see war as the only way to live, and love to spread violent on peaceful environment. Effect:

  • Stability decrease for each Pop of this specie in the planet.

  • Rebel Army damage + 200%

  • Rebel Army health +200%

  • Militarist Ethic Attraction + 999%

  • Trait: Jealous: Incompatible personality change for this specie has brough a great side effect: they always think that it is unfair that other people have better living condition than them, and tend to have violent attitude toward them Effect:

  • Pop work non-Ruler job have happiness decrease, and crime upkeep increase for each level in the social spectrum, unless their living condition is Utopia Abundance.

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If anyone have any comment, please feel free to write them down. Thank you for reading, and greater thank for anyone who make this into reality.


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