AI management is trying to internally murder my empire.

Hey fellow spacefarers, I'm a returning player in 2 years. Even if I rant complaints about my experience please bear with me, this is my first game in 2 years and if I'm doing something wrong I would like to be enlightened since I'm not trying to fire up a discussion here.

I knew how atrocious micromanagement in Stellaris could be back when I was playing it heavily, so my initial settings were focused on minimizing it. 0.25 habitable planets, 0.5 hyper lanes(minimum), 0.25 wormholes, 0.25 gateways. I had to play 1000 stars for immersion though.

I started as a machine empire and my plan was to micromanage the main sector's 4 planets while letting AI manage other planets. After a while my main sector is generating hundreds of surplus in energy, mineral, alloy and research, while my AI managed sector is creating a huge deficit. Their sector looks something like +80 alloys, -200 minerals -200 energy etc. All my surplus is going down the drain.

I have set the AI to 'balanced' and gave plenty of resources to use.

The experience I had:

1 . I set sector AI and AI does absolutely nothing when the planet is set to 'automanagement'. Only when I turn it off it starts build something.

  1. AI doesn't build buildings. It only builds districts.

  1. AI doesn't manage crime rate nor stabilty. It plops down to like 10% and it refuses to build anything.

  1. AI doesn't managed amenities and housing. It just keeps building resource districts.

It seems so jumbled up. After the situation where AI sector's actively tried to break my empire apart for awhile, I just decided to micromanage and I have 19 planets now. Which is so overwheming I can't do anything else at this point. I tried building 'basic infastructure' for AI as a foundation but it's not working either since empty buildings cause much maintenance fee and AI manages to screw it up over time.

I'm playing as an exterminator machine AI empire and I am yet to attack any nation 100 years into the game with all research finished, score right behind fallen empires because can't handle the micromanagement. It seems so flawed that I'm wondering how anyone else even plays this game in the late stage when it feels incomplete and unplayable due to intensive micromanagement even compared to other Paradox games.

Can you help me alleviate the AI problem and how to utilize them to minimize micromanagement? I would appreciate a detailed guide since I can't really find ways to utilize AI on my own. Stellaris experience so far has been 'how to internally fight AI from screwing you over' rather than ANY kind of galactic interactions at all for me.

Hopefully from my lack of understanding and doing something wrong (so that I can address this), but it seems to me that there is like one coding line in whole AI management:

"build districts" regardless of balance and circumstances. Seriously, what's with an AI of a game 5 years into making/updating that doesn't even know how to gain surplus resources let alone optimizing it?


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