Behold the beauty of SUPER PEACE pacifism empires!

Destroying everything can get tiring. Everyone just wants super peace where they can relax in resort worlds while enjoying a sniff of Zro. Through initial exploration we find that he galaxy is not always a safe place and our science ship escapes from a random attack by strange crystalized beings… don't worry though we have SUPER PEACE SCIENTISTS to make this a non-issue!

Science ship chillin with the crew

Same works for amoebae even! That's right, you can finally be "that guy" in diplomacy!

Why can't these empires understand SUPER PEACE?

But sometimes peace falls on deaf ears… one of our neighbors is found to be barbaric savages ENEMIES OF SUPER PEACE

Thanks for the amazing admirals

This is a danger to our SUPER PEACE empire so naturally they get yeeted later when we have enough fleet power and it seems they understand their existence is a mistake and give us powerful admirals and buffs so we can easily remove them later:

That buff name sounds kind of… yeah

We even come across primitive civilizations who we enlighten to our SUPER PEACE w-

Really though game


No one saw anything, okay? In our exploration we also find more savage barbarians who have jailed a poor, defenseless nation! SUPER PEACE REMOVAL:

Khan? More like Khant lmao

One thing is we want people to appreciate peace. What better way than a resort world! The only problem is that resort worlds have these weird restrictions… Thankfully our scientists have developed the perfect solution for this!

A vast ocean! Just like in the resort world picture!

What's that? Why does that ship have a skull icon? What are you talking about look more closely it's actually a tiny space amoebae icon everything is fine! Now then more exploration and WHAT'S THIS A GIANT MURDER FORTRESS!? Well now that won't do. Come my Sky Dragon friend we must ensure SUPER PEACE through giant laser beams!

But let's be real this is why you really chose the Thar be Dragons origin right?

Though this does concern me. I feel as though we need better shields to protect us from MURDER. I hear that falling empires have some good ones let's go ask them fo-

Do you even lift bro?


Hey I'm speaking the truth what's wrong bro

Oh no it seems as though our SUPER PEACE TRUTHS have angered them and they've shown their true HOLY MURDER side. If they attack us we'll have to defend ourselves and obtain their shields it would be a pity if that happened…

Hmm what's this? A strange new empire has shown up in a distant land? I wonder if they are fellow SUPER PEACE?

That's one wild neck

National security? That doesn't sound very SUPER PEACE if you ask me. What is this about nanites?



We cannot accept this savage existence but don't worry your lands will be put to proper use for SUPER PEACE

naturally I closed borders to empires using L-gates for tactical warfare

After the battle I thought we had finally shown the galaxy SUPER PEACE until what's this!? My ally is being attacked by MURDER ROBOTS:

Guess who proposed allowing synthetic slave trade? But I digress…

Not really a huge issue until WHAT'S THIS? THE FALLEN EMPIRE FINALLY HAS DECLARED WAR!? Finally I can get those shields and amazing fallen empire buildin- oh no it seems the fallen empire declared war on my ally so I can't claim anything. Well now I don't have faith that you'll use them for SUPER PEACE purposes but don't worry we'll show you true SUPER PEACE by making them into resort worlds!

It would have messed with my starbase cap anyways

Enjoy the beachfront! Finally the galaxy is full of SUPER PEACE. Isn't that right you worthless piece of scrap metal?

They're still at this really long war because they suck at using armies


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