Civic Idea for lithoids: Lithoid supremacist.

Content of the article: "Civic Idea for lithoids: Lithoid supremacist."

So i was playing a spiritualist lithoid for a while now (which my first non-genocidal lithoid play btw) and i realised that lithoids rocks. Their habitability boost easily balances the slow pop growth and being able to ignore food completely is awesome.

But here is that I am a xenophile guy myself. I want some Xenos for multiculturalism, i want some Xenos with different habitability and traits. I want to go for xeno-compatibility and want my pops to have some rocky sex.

But that is where the problem begins. If i go for xenophile they love all aliens including problematic and weak organic ones. If i go for xenophobe this time they hate everyone including our lithoid brothers too.

Here is where my idea kicks in. What if my people liked other lithoids and disliked biological ones? You heard that right, a Lithoid supremacist. A civic that makes my empire xenophile for lithoid species while xenophobe for biological species.

Here is how it works, note that I am not actually god at creating balanced ideas so any criticism or idea is welcome,

The empire has to be a non-fanatic xenophobe. Like i explained it works no different from a regular xenophobe mostly, but has an increased opinion towards other fellow lithoids and the empires main species are welcoming to other lithoids (cool with equal rights, living in same planets etc). The empire has a modified xenophobe faction like pacifist xenophobes who demands multiculturalism and equality with other lithoids but a regular xenophobe faction with other species types.

As for gameplay-wise i think it is only usable when you want multiple species in your empire but want to ignore food. This is more of a roleplay civic which i think can work with other species types as well like plantoid supremacist, humanoid supremacist (which would make an awesome galactic empire rp) but like i said it makes the most sense with lithoids as for gameplay.

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If you have any suggestions it is welcome!


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