Civics by ethics/authority restriction

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So I know a few civics are exclusive to certain ethics, and I wanted to brainstorm new potential civics, so I decided to do a count.

Pacifist: 2

  • Agrarian Idyll, Inwards Perfection (if also Xenophobe)

Fanatic Pacifist: 0

Militarist: 6

  • Citizen Service, Distinguished Admirality, Nationalistic Zeal, Warrior Culture, Fanatic Purifiers (if also Fanatic Xenophobe), Barbaric Despoilers (if also Authoritarian or Xenophobe)

Fanatic Militarist: 0

Egalitarian: 2

  • Beacon of Liberty, Idealistic Foundation

Fan Egalitarian: 1

  • Shared Burdens

Authoritarian: 3

  • Imperial Cult (if also Spiritualist + Imperial), Slaver Guilds, Barbaric Despoilers (if also Militarist)

Fanatic Authoritarian: 0

Xenophile: 1

  • Free Haven

Fanatic Xenophile: 0

Xenophobe: 2

  • Inwards Perfection (if also Pacifist), Barbaric Despoilers (if also Militarist)

Fanatic Xenophobe: 1

  • Fanatic Purifiers (if also Militarist OR Spiritualist)

Spiritualist: 3

  • Exalted Priesthood, Imperial Cult (if also Authoritarian + Imperial) , Fanatic Purifiers (if also Fanatic Xenophobe)

Fanatic Spiritualist: 0

Materialist: 0

Fan Materialist: 1

  • Technocracy


  • Militarist has the most civics that require you to dip into them by far at 6, but have no Fanatic Militarist civic choices. However, 2 of those civics require you to dip into specific ethics at the start of the game (cannot reform into them).

  • Second place is tied between Authoritarian and Spiritualist at 3, but Imperial Cult requires a degree of both to be picked.

  • Technocracy is one of only 2 fanatic-exclusive civics, the other being Shared Burdens, which is locked behind DLC.

  • Xenophile as a whole is tied with Materialist for the least amount of exclusive civics, at only 1 between regular and fanatic.

  • Materialist is the only non-fanatic ethic that does not have an exclusive civic.

  • While I did not list them, Megacorps have 1 unique civic for every normal ethic except Xenophile and Xenophobe, and they have no fanatic-exclusive ethics.

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…with all that said, I'd love to see some more civics to fill out the roster. I would particularly like to see Xenophile and Materialist love, as well as see 1 civic for every fanatic ethic in general, and would like to see fanatic civics for Megacorps. Or maybe just a rebalancing; Slaver Guids requiring Fanatic Authoritarian maybe? I'm not quite sure what I'd add, I've have to think about it, but I'd love to see all of your thoughts on what could be good additions.


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