Contingency Help. Not sure how to do it with a crippled Galaxy!

Content of the article: "Contingency Help. Not sure how to do it with a crippled Galaxy!"

Hello, I have played Stellaris for a good chunk of time but I normally reset my run during the midgame because story events are far fewer after and I get bored; but I wanted to try a full run all the way to the end of an end game crisis.

So heres the lay of the land: the crisis is the Contigency so Ghost signal, HOWEVER the galaxy hasnt really settled yet. The strongest empire that could really help us was wiped out after they had just been defeated in war and had a Rogue Servitor spawn in their space and cleaned them up. So we have very powerful empire replaced by a weak one. Our resident Fallen Empire has just been absolutely devastated by a Determined Exterminator that has been plaguing the galaxy and growing in power completely out of control. The two other independant empires are super weak because of the wars with the empire that was killed by the Rogue Servitor spawn. Finally there is me and my Vassal who controls 1 planet and 6 stars so theyre not much help.

Contingency spawns and holy crap they chewed through systems like wet tissue, 4 machine worlds hitting a corner each (kinda). Obviously the Determined Exterminator instantly killed off the machine world in their territory and went back to bullying the Fallen Empire. The other empires are slowly being eaten away at and Ive lost my entire fleet twice now and havent really made a dent.

Now Im sitting with about 140k of fleet power, lost about half my worlds and the Contingency patrols back and forth between 2 star systems in the MOST important space lane. (Im sandwiched between the Determined Exterminator and a Contingecy machine world which occupies what was my only safe route to the other empires.)

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I have Defender of the Galaxy and Im playing with 200 stars. What can I do to defeat this threat before Im too weak? Hit a run is not working because they patrol so few systems, they respond too fast for an in and out. Any advice would be awesome!

Im on mobile and not good at formatting in general nor is my grammar good so Im glad you made it here!


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