Custodian Request: Leviathans

I would love to see the custodian team touch up the Leviathans a bit with perhaps a few new events and tweaks. They are one of my favorite aspects to the game and some enhancement to the existing ones, and perhaps a few new ones :), would be amazing. A few of my random suggestions.

1) Automated Dreadnaught: This ancient warship has survived every run in with any fleet/ship/entity it has ever encountered. I would like to see its surrounding systems have little automated emergency beacons, little warning signs that long forgotten civilizations made to warn of impending doom ( like the beacons at the Omega 4 relay.) As for the Dreadnaught itself, I would love to see her beefed up with some unique technology only she possesses like a unique lvl 7 tier armor/shield/weapons. I believe the Dreadnaughts lore should make her the undisputed galactic supership, bar none. The single most powerful warship created in galactic history. Fallen Empires have left this beast alone in her wreckage strewn system. This ship should be SCARY! Perhaps midgame you can start a mini-crisis when some empire hacks the Dreanaught and sends it on a one way course to someone's bad day.

2) Stellarite Devourer: With the release of Nemesis, perhaps the Stellarite Devourer can be upgraded into a bio-star eater. For balance reasons make it take a LONG in game time to actually "eat" the star. If the Stellarite Devourer successfully eats a star it could grow in size/power and slowly wander to the next star to nibble on. As the game progresses to endgame you have a more powerful later game Leviathan with greater rewards the longer it survives. I feel that could spice it up a bit. Another idea would involve a special project where you somehow take control of the Devourer. You would have an organic star eater. The Stellarite Devourer will upgrade/grow from each star it consumes, at the cost of reputation hits with the galactic community. Perhaps even unique effects/buffs/weapons depending upon the type of star it consumes?

Suggestion Round 2:

3) Tiyanki Matriarch: If you own the home system of the Tiyanki you should be able to attract/escort/transport the queen back to the home system. There she could, along with all other galactic Tiyanki, be controlled by the player along with fresh reinforcements. Maybe even new unique variants spawn now that their Matriach is home. Imagine if a Patriach decided to spawn somewhere as an alternative mini crisis event that might fire. Imagine they go berserk and begin swarming the galaxy. The Galactic Community could launch an extermination campaign or some targeted strike at destroying the Patriach and bringing the Tiyanki once more to passive space whales. If nothing else please buff the admiral you get from defeating the Matriach. At least allow his ship to merge with other ships. If you want to join his No-retreat fleet then by all means allow them. Maybe give this admiral another unique perk that does more damage to Leviathan creatures.

More suggestions coming. Any thoughts?


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