Federation AI question / rant

Content of the article: "Federation AI question / rant"

OK so be me egalitarian pacifist xenophile etc etc

Start off with Common Ground origin so you're in a nice federation straight away

We immediately meet Fanatic Purifiers, playing on grand admiral so they are overwhelming

Great, I think, should be a good challenge, love the clash of cultures for roleplay

As expected not long after they declare war and smash through my biggest starhold. My fleet is much smaller than theirs and we take heavy losses, leaving the way to my ally's homeworld open. Doing the maths, I see that our combined fleet is a little less than theirs, but I've designed my ships to be a good counter for their mass corvettes. "We have a chance!" this should be a good, exciting battle as the fleets converge on the Subtranius system in a race against time aaaand….

…. suddenly my ally's fleet just stops and goes to a completely different system away from the action. Homeworld gets taken over and my little fleet is smashed again. It's his own homeworld!

I see a lot of AI hate on here which I usually ignore but this one really annoyed me. A big part of Stellaris for me is the roleplaying aspect, and I keep seeing federation AI partners refuse to defend their territory even when they stand a good chance of winning – really takes me out of the game as it's just not a logical way for them to behave.

Any mods anyone can recommend on this kind of thing? I really enjoy playing with allied empires but have had to abandon the last few games.

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Foolish meatsacks!!!

All I can say is thank god for the Cevanti Mercantile Guilds – at least someone in this federation is pulling their damn weight smh


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