Feudal Society

Feudal Society is a rather weak civic. It encourages you to have vassals/tributaries as a large part of your empire and offers bonuses in that regard. You get a bonus to your relative power relations with your underlings, allowing them to be more powerful and still maintain loyalty. The other perk you get lets your vassals expand, which is alright. There is a large issue with vassals though: they don’t get the scaling bonus so they’re as weak as kittens. Useless in war, since their fleets will be microscopic and weak. Economy is screwed, so they collapse easily. They just get too weak to be of use as anything other than a protectorate.

Ultimately, this post is on how to fix it, and I have a few ideas on how to do that. I would also like to know about ideas you might have as well, so please feel free to share.

So, my ideas.

Idea 1: -50% Subject Power Penalty. Gain the Feudal War casus belli and Feudal Vassal diplomatic request. The wargoal subjugates the enemy as a Feudal Vassal, or releases a Feudal Vassal. Feudal Vassal: 15% energy output as tax to overlord. The subject can expand, are protected, and will join in their overlord’s wars. The vassal’s naval capacity will be AT LEAST 75% of their overlord’s, as well as gaining +5 stability on all planets.

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This idea is to make your vassals more powerful, as opposed to having mostly useless vassals. You retain the subject power penalty bonus still, for the same reasons as before. The vassal won’t gain bonuses from the game’s difficulty still, but the extra stability and naval capacity will help them to assist in wars. You might need to offload some resources from time to time as a sort of investment though.

Idea 2: Governors provide +5 stability, and +10% pop resource output. Governor level cap +2. Sector reach -1. Governors are automated: you can select the first, but subsequent governors of a sector will be automatically selected. Costs influence to fire governors.

This idea focuses on your governors, the “Lords” of your realm, giving general bonuses to your governor’s governing abilities, but losing some control over selecting new governors. The negatives are there mostly for thematic reasons, though the small sector size will encourage you to have more sectors and more governors.

Idea 3: Remove the removal of power scaling on vassals for this civic and maintain it’s current stats.

Giving them back their power scaling under this civic would make it far better, maybe even good. Not my personal pick, but at least the civic would be worth considering.

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What are your thoughts?


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