Fixing the pacifist ethic.

Content of the article: "Fixing the pacifist ethic."

The pacifist ethic is just the worst in the game… let’s be real here. So it needs a fix. The +5 / 10 stabillity is a nice touch and an actualy pretty decent bonus.

But -30% to pop sprawl actualy just sucks.

And the heavy restrictions that come with it make it the worst.

How do we fix this ?

First l’et’s adress the first elephant in the room. Expansion. Its one of the main pillairs of any 4x game and its heavely restricted for pacifists. What i suggest is. First apply the restriction of defensive wars only to also non fanatic pacifist. And when pacifist are in a defensive war. Their claims are free. Its not a total war since systems are only taken after the war is ended but the claims are free against the agressor. That would accomplish mainly 2 things. It would make people think twice before attacking a pacifist. And it would help pacifist expand.

Secondly i would defenetly change the -30% pop sprawl. Its practicaly useless. It dosen’t encourage the playstyle of internal developement either, nor a diplomacy focused one, in fact xenophobe and xenophile accomplishes exactly that but better. Pacifist is kinda akward beacause it both plays into the gamplay style of either xenophobe and xenophile… at the same time. I think the +10 stability is pretty good bonus internal developement wise but i would boost it to +7.5/15 stability, that would play with the internal developement part of the ethic’s playstyle. I would give them a diplomacy boost. I would give them the +1/2 envoys of the xenophiles so that you can influence your enemies and allies better. That would allow you to deteriorate relations and push an AI to attack you or to push them to be your freind. Its overall a manipulative playstyle. I would give xenophile a diplo weight increase in exange or a diplomatic cost reductuon like back in the day

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What do you guys think of this ? Would this work ? Do you guys have any other suggestions


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