Frequently Asked Questions and Frequently Reported Bugs (PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING QUESTIONS OR BUG REPORTS)

This post in intended to be an index of all the frequently asked questions and frequently reported bugs on this subreddit and in relation to Stellaris: Console Edition.

In the near future an automod will comment a link to this post on every post flaired as a question or bug report, until then I'll pin this to the top of the sub. From now on, question/bug report posts asking frequently asked questions/reported bugs will be removed (manually and only if they do not add to the conversation surrounding the particular question/bug) in an attempt to try and cut down on the same few questions popping up on the subreddit so often.


Q: What does the deluxe upgrade pack/deluxe edition give me?A: The deluxe upgrade pack/deluxe edition gives you access to the first 3 DLCs to release on console, the Plantoids Species Pack, the Leviathans Story Pack, and the Utopia Expansion Pack.

Q: What are the new DLCs we are getting?A: Nobody knows for certain, but we've got a pretty good idea. Here's a post I wrote breaking down the trailer, that gives you a pretty good indication of what to expect:

Q: Will there be a new season pass?/Will we get the new DLC if we own the deluxe edition/upgrade pack?A: Paradox have confirmed there will be a new season pass, and owners of the deluxe edition/upgrade pack will not get access to the new DLC as part of the deluxe edition/upgrade pack.

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Q: How much is the new DLC going to cost?A: We still don't know for certain, but an educated guess is that the new season pass will cost between £20-£25 (Do bear in mind this is JUST A GUESS), based on the price of the deluxe upgrade/edition. The price of each individual DLC will vary.

Q: When will the new DLC release?A: All we have been told so far is sometime in 2020, as soon as updates are available they'll be pinned to the sub.

Q: What game version (patch) are we currently on?A: We are currently on a slightly modified version 1.7.

Q: It's year XXXX and I still haven't got a crisis? What's going on?A: There are a few possibilities here. It's possible you're just very unlucky, the chance of a crisis spawning is random, so it's possible it's just taking a while. It's also possible you accidentally turned it off when making your game. There's also however the chance that your game rolled on simply not getting a crisis.

Q: I've only gotten X/6 precursor anomalies? Where are the others?A: Precursor anomalies are founding by surveying planets to begin with, once surveying stops revealing precursor anomalies, you will occasionally get an event called "Signs of Precursor Activity" which should cause a system somewhere in or near your empire to get a precursor anomaly for you to investigate (Be sure to make a note of which system it was in).

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Q: When does the early/mid/late game start?A: The typical division for this is early =2200-2300, mid =2300-2400 and late =2400 onward.

Q: When playing multiplayer, the game keeps randomly stopping, why?A: This is typically down to desync. It's caused by one player or more in the game having poor connection to the host. Changing who the host is can sometimes resolve this if it is a recurring issue. Having good internet does not necessarily mean you will have good connection to other people, especially so if you live far away from eachother.


  • Sometimes precursor anomalies, especially those generated by the "signs of precursor activity" event do not show an anomaly symbol on the galaxy map or on their respective planetoid.
  • Sometimes precursor anomalies cannot be researched for no obvious reason.
  • Sometimes the endgame crisis fleets can break, and simply stop doing anything. They'll just sit in their systems doing nothing and won't even respond to your aggression.
  • Lots of achievements are bugged, some award the wrong achievement for the wrong action, some don't actually require you to fulfill the stated requirements, just some of them.

Please let me know if there's any questions/bug reports you feel I should add to this list.

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