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Playing a vanilla run as the UNoE, decided to RP a bit and try and turn the Commonwealth of Man into a non-xenophobe in a move of HFY.

Spawned near the galactic core. Things are running spectacularly smoothly despite being hemmed in by spawn, several empires *requested* to become protectorates, one of which was a hivemind I shamelessly assimilated thus eradicting its populations. It become my second biggest/best sector.

I decided to try some tomfoolery and become psychically active robots by tricking the flagging script, but failed.

Then the first fallen empire to awaken was the Fanatical Xenophobe one, so I buckle down expecting a war in heaven.

Nothing came. They never expanded either, despite being on the border of my one federation member. (Strongest as fed lead, succession on status change.) The Commonwealth of Man. (No luck on getting more people in, despite losing xenophobe everyone hates everyone in a web centered on CWoM) and the CWoM having only a single world until I handed them a uplifted primitive world they *failed* to invade/put down the rebellion of and half of an empire to their north.

I roam around to kick in some leviathan teethy boys for their sweet, sweet tech loot. Things go well.

Then I get the tell tales of the contingency, and prepare to become fully robotic. I go through genemodding my runaway pops that somehow escaped the mandatory cybernetic trait to the templates which have the trait.

Then the contingency pops up, 3 fleets equating to about 50% more fleet power than me, but no biggie, I've been pumping out a megastructure every 5 years since I normally have too much energy to sell my alloys for and too many alloys to do anything else with. got my Science nexus, Sentinel Array, and working on the ringworld after I finished my trans-galactic-sundial gateway project.

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So I'm thinking I can attrition down the Contingency in a suicide run at their spawn and smack them down hard enough to give the AI neighbors a fighting chance.



The caretaker FE gets hacked by the contingency, something which I have not seen before.

Things are about to get spicy, and it just might be an ironic twist of fate that the century-awakened head start xenophobe FE saves us all from the wombo combo endgame crisis.

Fuck. My. Unlife.


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