Government Edict Bonuses should be swapped

Currently in Stellaris, Authoritarian governments are able to more effectively administer many complex policies at once (Edict Vap), whereas more representative governments have more ability to act quickly with little opposition/debate/conflict (Edict Cost).

Except, that's the OPPOSITE of reality.

Because democracies create widespread participation in government, they tend to be running more diverse, numerous, and more sophisticated policy ideas at any one time. But they also face more debate to make changes in the first place.

And because democracies can claim to (ostensibly) have the consent of the governed, and there will be different constituencies backing different policies (leading to the infampus tendency of democracies to try to do 50 things at once) it's easier for them to run a larger number of policies that are entirely unrelated in the long run.

Historical FACT: democracy tends to lead to MORE complex government, not less.

On the other hand, Dictatorships arguably can more easily force policies through against public opposition, as the people have less sat. It takes LESS political influence for them to enact new ideas. (I.e. lower Edict Cost)

In short, more Authoritarian governments (Dictatorial/Imperial) should be the ones with the Edict Cost reduction, and more participatory governments (Democracy/Oligarchy/Megacorp) should be the ones with higher Edict Cap.

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It also makes NO SENSE from a game design perspective to do things how they did. The Authoritarian government types were already widely considered to be the stronger and more fun governments compared to Democracy/Oligarchy (which, even if they were equally strong, which they're not, annoy players with Ruler turnover…) and the Edict Cap bonus is unquestionably the better bonus.

So, not only would it be more realistic- it also would have been better game-design to give Democracy/Oligarchy the Edict Cap bonus and not Dictatorial/Imperial, as the more participatory governments were already less favored by the players and harder to play…

Everybody knows Democracy is the WEAKEST government in Stellaris, and badly needed a buff. And, this is the OPPOSITE pattern of real life- where Democracy is the better performing government type.

So, in this context, Paradox's continued determination to favor Authoritarian governments in every aspect of game design makes very little sense… (unless their REAL intent is to push right-wing propaganda that "Democracy doesn't work") It's bad game design, unrealistic, and ignores demands from players to make Democracy actually worthwhile…

Bottom Line: The bonuses to edicts (Cost vs. Cap) for the government types should be swapped. Less representative governments should get an Edict Cost reduction, and MORE representative governments get the Edict Cap increase.

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