Ground combat is really dissapointing

I am sure that everyone agrees with this statement, so I'd really love to hear how you would like to try to fix it.

In my opinion, conquest of planets should become more important. By this I mean that you can potentially win a war despite never conquering a planet. If you manage to conquer all sapce stations, and annihilate enemy's navy, war is over. That's why I suggest giving planets ability to build ships, but not as fast as a sapce shipyards.

Another problem with planetary assaults is that they are technically optional, since you can simpy bomb planets from orbit, and they can't do anything to protect themselves from it. That's why I suggest making it possible to build anti-orbital cannons, so defender can shoot down enemy bombers, or even soften up invading army.

Also, I belive that lack of troop variety hurts ground combat. Maybe armies can be divided into infantry, armored veichles and aircrafts? Also, more unique armies can be included, like a necromancer of sorts for those who use undead armies, who "summons" new unit every time enemy unit dies.

Next ideas are a bit wierd, and are evolution of previous ideas.

I think that any developed world needs some sort of anti orbital defence, but sacrificing precious building slots for this puropse sounds wasteful. That's why I belive we need a separate building slots for military stuff. Maybe we now can build "Military districts", which are built for free and instantly, give no housing or works, but each district unlocks a slot for military building in "Army" tab. Those buildings may inculde Armored Vehicle Factory, AS Guns, Planetary Shield, Drydocks and etc..

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One of the things that annoy me about armies is their transport vessels. They are a bit bland, and completely defensless. That's why I suggest that player should build and customise troop vessels. They can be outfited with limited amount of weapons, depending on ship sections it can load certain type and amount of troops, and ships may give bonuses to the invading force.


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