Ground warfare ideas

Sorry if this post has been made before or if it is stale. I just want to throw around some ideas on how planet-based warfare could be enhanced.

What I would envision as a "good" ground battle system for a primarily space focused game would be something like this:

  • There are different army types which you can mix in an invasion force
  • These armies should have different strengths and weaknesses
  • You should be able to set the overall strategy(something simple, like an aggressive strategy that increases both your and enemy casualties)
  • The battles should not require you to pay constant attention to them while they are ongoing, but you could if you wanted to maximize efficiency

We have already seen some form of troop variety with the robotic, psionic and xenomorph armies that either deal more or are immune to morale damage. This is good and all, but it creates a very simple rock-paper-scissors game, where robotic armies beat psionics, while psionics beat regular forces more easily.

I would like to see more army types, so that it is not just "stack one strong troop against the . Have "mechanized" armies with tanks and heavy weapons that deal more damage but are expensive and take up more battle space(so instead of having eight of these behemoths, you could only have four). Add air support units that don't deal much damage but enhance the effectiveness of infantry armies. Special marine armies that excel on ocean planets, this sort of diversity.

I also think that habitability should play a role in this. Jungle preferring armies should have difficulty in arid environments, and should therefore have a slight to major decrease in morale, with some other penalties to damage and health. From this, we could have specialized armies that can work well in all environments.

The next idea of mine was to have a bit of rework with how battle width works. I think when launching an invasion, one would be required to set up the army "layout". This would allow the players to choose how many troops would be sent onto the front to fill up the eight slots(three psionics and five slave armies, for example). The armies would then switch places with other armies of the same type once they get beaten to a certain level. Changing units mid-battle should also be available, but should remove the retreating army for a time, and only put the new army in afterwards. Air units, for example, would be faster to move, while heavy tanks and artillery would be able to move more slowly.

Finally, the defensive play. I'd like some unique ways to plan your defense. Either try trench warfare(which would decrease defense against heavy troops but grant major bonuses against lighter armies), or guerilla warfare(low damage and losses, good for drawing out a planetary defense but susceptible to air units, for example), or something else. With this, defense only armies should also be a thing, so that you could conscript the citizens for weak units if you have a militarist nation.

The options I described could come from technologies, because I find that five techs of +30 fleet cap is boring when you could have military tech chains, or traditions, because in it's current way, many of the war focused traditions are just flat bonuses instead of new options.

If this is long or uninteresting, I am sorry. If you have any ideas or reflections, I will do my best to discuss ideas.


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