Hidden necroids across all species types.

As we know, you don't have to be necroid species to take necroid origins and civics. This made me think "which species fill the bill for death-related abomination". Answer? Quite a few.

We'll put species in 3 categories: Possibly, most likely, certainly.

I used wiki to know how to exactly call each species, in case you have doubts refer to it:

Possibly necroid:

Humanoid species pack portrait 10 and Humanoid species 3 – these species fit vampire bill rather nicely, pale skin weird eye color, in general unsettling color scheme. Wouldn't be surprised if they drank blood from time to time and didn't need to breathe.

Avian Normal 8 – this species is walking definition of darkness. Gray, almost colorless feathers, small lifeless eyes, unsettling amount of red on the face. Its visage is created to threat at the first sight due to associating with death.

Most likely necroid:

Avian Massive 17 – this species just looks dead. Lack of body coverage, lack of fat tissue, chest bones almost sticking from the skin, rudimentary feathers on wings. It seriously lack really early stages of death and decay.

Plantoid Massive 12 – most unsettling thing planetoids packs has brought us. A weird mix of maple, salad, paleness and (presumably) death that will haunt you in your nightmares.

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Certainly necroid:

Mammal Normal 8 – this thing has been ungodly abomination since day 1. It looks like a freaking space ghoul that will bite your face off if given chance.

Molluscoid Slender 2 – one of the most unsettling portraits in the base game. At first glance it's a regular molluscoid, until you realize there is a mind-controlling worm sticking out its head. This portrait asks you politely to become a necrophage.

Fungoid Slender 4 and Fungoid Massive 16 – if molluscoid above was asking you nicely to become necrophage, these 2 are basically pointing gun at your hand and shouting at you to be made into necrophages. Clearly non-fungal creatures taken over by sentient corruption.


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