How long did it take you to win your first game?

As the title says, how long did it take you to win your first game of Stellaris? As someone who is 150 hours deep thus far, it has been a rough learning experience of constant failure, which has only been made worse because I've been keeping on Ironman to get achievements.

Thus far my legacy has gone as such;

Geico Insurance Company (Scion/Corporation/Authoritarian/Fanatic Materialists): My first custom empire after playing humans to learn the basics for a bit. I dumb lucked my way through this playthrough entirely, managing to be tucked away in a tiny corner of the galaxy and avoiding the Khans and all war. Unfortunately, I did not know the Crisis was a thing, and the Unbidden ripped a hole into my reality right next to my capitol and wiped me out.

Dwarven Coalition (Mechanist/Imperial/Authoritarian/Militarist/Materialist): This game didn't last very long, I started much closer to the Khans this time and quickly learned how that mechanic worked. Got steamrolled.

The Muushros Multitude (Life-Seeded/Gestalt): My first attempt at a gestalt hivemind who were empaths. This was by far my most successful run thus far, as I was able to keep a Federation together and accumulated enough political power to become the Custodian and managed to defeat one of the Fallen Empires. Unfortunately, the other Fallen Empire activated right afterwards, and thinking I was clever, I managed to wrangle myself into becoming the Emperor, but didn't realize that would kick me out of my own Federation, leaving me with only half my army. And then the Crisis activated to add insult to injury.

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Ork Despoilers (Post-Apocalyptic/Imperial/Fanatic Militarist/Authoritarian): I realized I didn't actually know how war worked very well, from my Muushros playthrough, so I tried to learn it here. I did not succeed. Focusing on military things meant my economy suffered, and because I didn't understand how the war mechanics worked, I would be forced to give in due to war exhaustion, and then other species took me out while I was weak.

Geico Insurance Company 2 (Syncretic Evolution): Tried my little geckos again, didn't even get half as far as the Khans managed to severely damage my fleet, and then my geckos found religion and it was all down hill from there since I lost a lot of my machine workers.

Deep Rock Galactic (Void Dwellers/Corporation/Fanatic Materialist/Militarist): Made this after one of my favorite multiplayer games of the same name, unfortunately I had a robot uprising that I could not quell (did not know that could happen) and I was left weakened by the time the crisis rolled around.

Free Roachoid Republic (Post-Apocalyptic/Democratic/Egalitarian/Fanatic Xenophile) A Sol start in a post-Earth setting where Roaches attempted to break the cycle. Unfortunately, they were strangled by a lack of good worlds to settle on and very poor resource spread. I was constantly in a deficit I couldn't climb out of.

Korinth Star Realm (On the Shoulders of Giants/Imperial/Fanatic Spiritualist/Pacifist): My current game of which I am having the most success thus far. I tried making a species focused on powerful, long-lived leaders. This was my first time getting a psionic species, and this time I turned everything around so far. Economy has been hitting rough patches, but I managed to stomp out the Khans and have a powerful federation behind me with the title of Custodian as I enter the last 100 years of the game…unfortunately this was my first time opening up the L-Cluster, and like anything I learn about for the first time, I took an enormous hit as several 30k power fleets stomped out my fleet I sent through for the first time. I'm hoping to quickly recover before the crisis gets started but my luck hasn't been too good…

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…so that's been my major runs, leaving out any bunk playthroughs that ended in 100 years or that I reset because I was trapped early on by empire placements. Honestly? I have no idea how a lot of you people can play on such high difficulties so casually. Between the Fallen Empires, the Crisis, and trying to keep everything running smoothly…I don't know if I'll ever win a game, but I seriously respect people who have mastered it to such a degree.


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