How to improve the Mid-Game

I think we all know that the mid-game is very boring, so here's some things that might make it more interesting!

– Great Tiyanki Migration: Every 50 years, the tiyanki will have a grand migration into a random system, in which all Tiyanki will travel to a system within 2 years. After 5 years, they will migrate again to Tiyana Vek

– Great Space Amoeba Migration: Randomly, The Space Amoeba will choose an empire that hasn't completed the Space Amoeba Pacification Project. After, the Amoeba will attack said empire if it has more fleet power than said empire.

– Dathnak: The Dathnak wish to give themselves physical form. If synthetics are researched, then it takes a special project. If synthetic evolution has been completed, then it can be done instantly. Creates 5 robot pops on the empire's capital.

– The Worm & The Shroud: If an empire makes a covenant with one of the entities of the shroud, when the negative events come, the worm devours the entity & the shroud. If the shroud is entered again, it is dark purple/black, as opposed to the magenta, and you can make contact with the worm. The Worm provides positive bonuses if encountered in the Shroud.

– Fallen Empire Infiltrators: A FE infiltrator will be discovered in your empire, with several pops discovered to be FE pops genetically modified to observe & interact with your society. If called out, the Xenophile/Materialist FE will reveal their involvement, and try to bribe you into keeping it quiet & allowing them to continue to infiltrate, for a tech boost.

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– Meeting the Spiritualist FE in the Shroud: If exploring the Shroud, then you can run into psychics of the Spiritualist FE. Recognizing you as a fellow Shroud Dweller, they will have an opinion boost, and gives you either shroud jump dives, shroud shields, or Zro.

– Espionage: Please, please, please have an espionage DLC.

– Internal Government DLC: Please, please, please, please have an Internal Government DLC

– Marauders Unifying: A Marauder Empire will unify into federation builders.

– Trade Federation Integration: Due to increased economic integration & low tariffs, the federation is economically integrating. +0.1 trade value per pop, +10 mineral & energy output.

– Robotics Galactic Community Resolution:

  1. Robotic Worker Efficiency: +5% machine pop growth, +10% materialist ethics attraction. Automaton construction ideas should be freely traded between empires
  2. Streamlined Automatons: +10% machine pop growth, +15% materialist ethics attraction, +10% robot output. By streamlining automated workers, we can increase output drastically
  3. Robotic Enforcement: Outlawing Robots is banned, +15% machine pop growth, +20% materialist ethics attraction, +20% robot output. Machines are technological wonders. To outlaw them is pure stupidity.
  4. Synthetic Protection Act: Artificial Intelligence must have Citizen Rights, +20% machine pop growth, +30% materialist ethics attraction, +30% robot output. All life is life, artificial or not. As such, we must give them proper rights.
  5. Synthetic Future: Psionic Ascension path is banned, +30% machine pop growth, +50% materialist ethics attraction, +50% robot output. Machines are the future.

– Galactic Plague: A plague has begun in the galaxy. It will spread through migration treaties & federations. It gives -50% organic pop growth.

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