How to purge the xenos without actually purging them.

Well, are you too lazy or pragmatist to go on Exterminatus in every xeno plagued planet? Are you on the brink of insanity trying to micromanage the purge of them? Why bother doing that, when you can just follow the 10 step procedure to deal with the xenos without actually suffering the penalties of it?

  1. Start as any xenophobe Empire, in this case, we will pick the CoM, for the good vibes of our Grand Admiral, and to schold the xenophiles back on Earth for dating aliens, instead of trying to rescue us.
  2. Keep playing as an standard game, explore anomalies and discover the healthy dose of lovecraftian horrors this galaxy has to offer to you. Increase alloys and energy output, strenghent your fleet, and colonize planets.
  3. When you discover a xeno, just be fast and vassalize or conquest as fast as you can, but here's the key difference on a normal purge run, just mantain them on reasonable conditions and give them residence.
  4. Why to do that, when you can enslave them or transform into galactic-quality cuisine? Well, that's going to be the secret card on the maze. For now, let them to feel safe around you, that way you can preserve them into working, and of course, allows you to reduce the need of heavy occupations.
  5. But, you being a good xenephobe, you can't allow them to put their pesky appendages on your goverment, they must work and have an illusion of freedoom withou actually being capable of influcencing your political mindset.
  6. Pretend to be ok, play nice, be a soft xenophobe by enlightening those ignorant xenos into the humankind ways. After all, why purge them, when you can just let them to realize the true advantage of assimiliating your own culture.
  7. Beware of the UN, because even if you're being the nicest you can to xenos, they will try always to change your militaristic goverment, and shove you utopian ideals that, let's be fair, are possible, but not now in this specific moment. So just shooo them with your nice 100% human fleet (because would be madness to give the xenos the control over your most powerful asset), or conquest them. Althought I prefer the first, because you gotta see how the xenocompatibility causes weird and funny deformations of their human essence, from tailed neko-like girls, to reptilian man, they aren't human anymore, so the mantle is now yours.
  8. Select the synthetic ascension way. Now you're not only the last pure humans, you're improving the "human" concept. The xenos also got their own dose of implants, but let them be, they are going to play their role soon.
  9. Start the preparations to finally convert into machines, give the AIs full rights (of course you've to, after all they are based on human brains' scans), reduce the food, increase the energy, convince the population, the next revolution.
  10. Now, start to analyse all the neural patterns, but, you have being wait for this too long, now is the moment of the true plant, you now have to subtlety add enought human influence into the personality matrix of each synth, base them on your own image and resemblance, and done! When all wake up, is done, no more xenos, just shinny Neo-Humans, and don't worry about if they would rebel, you've been convicing them that this is the true perfect form of life. You've not just gained domain over the humanity concept, you've mastered it and even surpassed it, and you've upgraded, not only your own ex-species, but you've ascended all those xenos, that thinking well now, are not xenos anymore, they are your brothers now.
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