Hypermodded Endgame Crisis(Literary Description)

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First I should set the scene, it is around the year 3000 the entire galaxy is discovered and the xenophobes have been destroyed in the Galactic Crusades of the 2700s. The galaxy has known relative peace for 300 years but then the Contingency arrives(20x Power). They start in a system in the galactic Northwest. To the East lies the Techno Union(Custom Empire) highly advanced. South lies the Sol Confederation. In the galactic south The Empire(Me), Paul Land(A friend), Soviet Union(friend), and the Republic of William(friend). In the East, a couple megacorps and some spiritualists. The Contingency starts with the Techno Union, the strongest Northern faction. The Union holds for a number of years but is ultimately overrun and pushed to their outer rim colonies and lay interdictor mines to stop the Contingency. This was a very good move because this means the Contingency will be forced to fight its way counter clockwise around the galaxy. The Contingency shifts focus and heads for Earth. They wipe aside the Human fleets, then the Soviet, Paulian, and William. The Techno Remnant arrives and mines most of Sol space meaning they must take earth to push through. This is where the story element comes in.

To the people of earth the contingency is just another fleet. Sol has been host to many enemy fleets in its thousand year space faring history and as such has extensive defenses. During the Galactic Crusades the system was actually captured and the Moon was turned into a massive battle station by those who wanted to take the planet back. You look into the sky and see an uncountable number of ships drop out of hyperspace almost immediately you hear a deep thundering as the planetary defenses come to life belching superheated plasma at the enemy. On the other half of the sky you see the moon come alight with immense versions of the planetary batteries. Initially the defenses are victorious taking out some contingency ships. Around 2 hours later you hear the bombardment sirens begin and localized shields drop. Living in the capital New York you are fortunate enough to live but most of the planet and it’s people are annihilated by the rain of fire pouring out of the enemies above. It is at around this time that a large ray streams from the enemy fleet into the Moon Battle station. The moon shudders back under the power of the beam the planet splits into multiple shards but in stern defiance some batteries on the planet continue to fire. Around this time the second wave of warheads hits the planet but the shields seem to hold. In the galactic senate the members huddle inside of a particular office awaiting the results of the decision. Finally an organism exits the room. He is a distinguished member of the Race, The Empire’s envoy to the galactic senate. Officially the Empire is isolationist and does not recognize the galactic senate but it does maintain an observer. The emissary, Atlan ‘var speaks without emotion in a very monotonous tone “The Emperor has reviewed the senate’s request that the Empire enters the struggle against the scourge known as the Contingency.” Atlan ‘var takes a small pause watching the anticipation in the room meet a climax “The Emperor has decided that the safety of the galaxy must come before any one Empire and thus agrees to the proposal.” The room erupts in tears of joy and loud hurrays. All across The Empire, reserves are called up and the massive quantum computer stations hum into action. Making ready the Imperial Fleet. The nations unrivaled computing power makes ready jump solutions in a matter of hours. Then, all over from Home to Rabbotev and Haleesi citizens watch as portals open, portals to Earth. All over the free galaxy citizens rejoice. The Imperial Fleet (4M FP)in it’s entirety begin to jump into the Sol system. Upon exiting their portals the fleet is thrown into combat. Having not fought a war in over 700 years the fleet performs exceptionally, being boxed in by its neighbors in 2250 the fleet has had an exceptional long time to hone its skills. Within a matter of hours the massive kinetic batteries on the Imperial Class Star Battleships smash the contingency fleet to pieces and thrusts them back out of the Sol system. The Imperial fleet then sets to work retrieving survivors and tallying her own casualties while mining the last hyper lane into Sol. For now… the contingency is contained.

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This was an MP game that was never fired up again very sad.

TL:DR my friends got rekt by 20x contingency and I sent in my imperial fleet to win the battle of Earth and contain the crisis.


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