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Hello all

I'm sure most of you know of the "Shared Destiny" Ascension perk and, apart from the benefit of saving a bit of influence when integrating someone, how worthless it is. I come today to throw an idea out there for how it might be made more interesting.

Ascension Perks should be gameplay-defining bonuses that your empire acquires that changes their playstyle. Sure, ones like Technological Ascendancy are general and always good, but the Ascension Paths and others do this. The following rework for Shared Destiny will follow this line of thinking, and create a unique playstyle for empires that like enlightening species, rather than conquering or studying them. Here are the perks:

Shared Destiny:

– Subject Trust Cap: +100

– Vassals and Protectorates can now expand, but have a +50% influence cost for starbases

– Enlightenment cost/speed: -/+50%

– Influence from Protectorates: +100% (0.25 => 0.5)

– Uplifting a Protectorate to a Vassal provides instant influence (based on how many planets + pops they have)

– Can form Federations with your own subjects

The idea here is that, if you find a primitive civilization at the edge of your borders, particularly one that is advanced and not too difficult to uplift, you can go ahead and do so and specialize your empire's playstyle around it. The main benefits are the increased influence from having a gaggle of developing stellar empires under your mantle, and the fact that those empires will no longer be restricted to their own systems and can take more, creating their own pockets of space, which in a sense can effectively be yours.

One last thing I do want to mention that the influence reduction from integration in the current iteration of Shared Destiny is actually pretty good. Especially when you're way later into the game and you're absorbing a massive 12 planet 70 system empire, which costed me 917 influence. But ultimately it's so niche and so uninteresting, and I believe this to be a better implementation.

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Thoughts? Suggestions? Purge the Xenos? Let me know what you think down below?

Oh yeah, and I was thinking it'd be cool if you can put observation posts on planets with pre-sapients, and uplift them to a stone age civilization if you choose not to colonize the planet. But thats a post for another day.


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